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They don’t leave links open for long (you have to pay $2.95 per article) so I thought I should get this out now.

This is a freaky story. It’s a GOOD article, but I worry about this woman. And the Topix comments are really disturbing. There’s lots more. I’m trying to talk to these people (and some see it my way) about how wrong it is to be down in this lady. I’m inclined to think that Valerie Cranston (with whom I’m acquainted) shouldn’t have run this, but since she did, well now we go with it, right?


‘Lady Bug Sam’ has plans, wants privacy

By Valerie Cranston

Current-Argus Staff Writer

Posted: 10/31/2009 10:15:41 PM MDT

“I’m not homeless – I’m a homesteader,” she said. “I am a loner and I like it like that. I’m centered in my family circle of about 30 people, and I don’t want to add more people to my repertoire. I judge a person for four years to see if I want them as a friend. I might as well be in Japan or China right now because I’m not with the people I love and care about.


“I’ve suffered a lot of racism and mental abuse since 2000. There have been KKK acts against me and I have been called ‘nigger’ by people in Furrs and McDonalds,” she said.

Then there are the perverts roaming the streets who show up at her shelter home asking for sexual favors. Quantcast

“I want the harassment and disrespect to stop,” she said. “I don’t come to your house with unlikely requests, so stop coming to my home without invitation.”

Topix comments:

Ok, what was the purpose of this article for? I see NOTHING interesting. She is a moocher, lives off of others, and has not dignity, self respect, and wants to live homeless. Thank God they took her kids away. She claims people mentally abuse her and for sexual favors..let’s see, she mentally abuses herself and uses others, and for sexual favors, there are many people who want sex who aren’t or are homeless. I have no respect for her and since she wants to live like this, my money that I could give to her to help her out would with no use for she chooses to live like this. She owns land in Dell City yet doesnt have a job that is true to do something to go over there. What in the hell did her man do with being in a wheelchair to be put in jail…drink and drive? Yes, I am serious. Either she has a drug problem and or drinking or she just is a sorry excuse for a human being. My cousin who was in the Air Force said most people who are homeless and this was years ago before the economy went to hell, chose to be homeless and I do believe it. I started to see it right after.

Instead of doing an article on her, they should have done it on someone who deserved it!

   Old Balls wrote:

   yeah that was a pretty ballzy move by C.A. even though she wrote in the story “not meant to exploit or make fun of”.****?! that’s exactly what she did.

That is exactly what she did. I think it is disgusting. Millions of mentally ill people in the US are uninsured, without family or support systems, and are incapable of maintaining “normal” lifestyles. Though many of them do suffer from substance abuse issues, they are not all crackheads or alcoholics. Mental illness is chronic and debilitating. The debilitating effects of mentall illness greatly limits the ability to seek and maintain treatment without a great deal of assistance and monitoring. Unfortunately our country does not have adequate resources to provide the assistance and/or treatment that these folks need, thus they often wind up on the streets, living in their own fantasy worlds. Mentally ill and homeless people are at greater risk of being victims of exploitation and violent crimes. Not only did the CA exploit this woman by reporting personal information (most of it likely being delusions), they also increased the likelihood that she will be victimized by others.

So, if our homeless (under the bridge) aren’t making the big bucks here in Carlsbad, then encourage them to relocate in El Paso for that $80 – $150 bucks a day. Sorry, they’ll not get $$ from me.

I am telling you that MOST people want to be homeless. This one man made more panhandling in ALB than with a real job because he tugged at people’s heart strings. I wont give in and give them money. There are places to go to get help and even if they are mentally ill, they KNOW it and just refuse to get help and let it be a crutch for them to live off of others. There are many people who have top paying jobs and low paying jobs, but STILL know they have a mental illness. We ALL have a mental problem it is just different levels and it is up to us of how we can deal with it or not and when we have a hard time we pay someone to help us figure it out and meds if needed. EVERY family is dysfunctional and cannot blame the parents totally in every situation and use that as a crutch to not get anywhere in life. If I see this lady I will tell her that her home is on her land in Dell City! I have worked with mentally ill people and enough is enough already with their lame and damn excuses to NOT do better with their own life!

thought panhandling was against the law. i remember several years ago of so a woman who had a very dark complexion who wandered the streets, then she is no where around. when i last saw her she was well dressed and groomed, still walking around, but i heard she had been put back on her medication. does anybody remember this. as far as the article of the above person, well maybe somebody with ties to an investigator can do some snooping around any maybe find out the real truth. how do we know if she is not a missing person whom her family thinks is deceased. or maybe a wanted criminal for murder or something. maybe that is why the newspaer did this story. does anybody know any of the gentlemen she mentioned? if so who are they and what are their backgrounds. as far as wanting just money, well with all the info she gave she may just be a con artist with a hidden past, who knows, but i would think most homeless people would take anything given to them and be appreciative. in some instances i have known some to use the money for alcohol. about this weight loss contest does any one know about that, i never heard of anything like that. who is her fiancee, does she visit him?

“I’m not homeless – I’m a homesteader,”

“All homeless feel like WE’RE conquering something in people – like pulling on their heart strings,”

Haha. Are they really wanting us to take her seriously? This woman is seriously crazy. She wants people to leave her alone, yet she comes up to people asking for money. I’m sorry but I’m not spending my tax money on this fruitcake.  


    • Miep on November 14, 2009 at 6:42 am

    I’m trying to talk to the people on the Topix forum about it. I can only too easily see this bit of journalism as encouraging people to mess with this woman.  

  1. paint homelessness as choice, homeless as bums who don’t want to work etc. It’s dangerous I agree, but it also eases our collective guilt when confronted with the homeless. And that makes it a hit piece.

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