Rest In Peace

Marine killed in Afghanistan served country in many ways

Marine Sgt. Bill Cahir was a public servant his whole life.

He served as a congressional staffer, as a journalist, as a political candidate and, finally, as a Marine reservist in Iraq and Afghanistan.


“There it was,” Cahir wrote. “My last, best chance to serve.”

Marine Sgt. Bill Cahir’s Arlington funeral

Cahir served two tours of duty in Iraq, blending his military work with his journalism.

A year ago, Cahir bought a home in Pennsylvania and settled down to run for Congress, filing for the 5th Congressional District seat left open by the retirement of Rep. John Peterson.

Cahir was one of three Democrats in the race, and he faced criticism for living away from State College for so long. However, Cahir was quick to emphasize his roots, talking about the hospital where he was born, recalling his youth and greeting a former English teacher from the dais at a political forum.

On the stump, Cahir advocated a responsible exit from the war in Iraq and pushed for universal health coverage…………Rest Here

Marine Sgt. Bill Cahir’s first-person account of his training as a Marine

They spoke of his thoughtfulness and humor, of his integrity and sense of fairness.

But when Capt. Jason C. Brezler recalled his friend and colleague Bill Cahir, he honed in on Cahir’s dedication to his comrades and country.

“On paper I was his commanding officer and team leader,” Brezler said. “But his opinion mattered to me as much as any senior officer.” ………..Read Rest Here

Rest In Peace with the rest of your, and those of us who preceded in our service to, brothers and sisters, the best of the best, who have fallen while in service to your country, right or wrong it’s policies may be, the Noble Cause becomes the protection of those serving with you and they to you!

Maybe some day we will find this countries promised direction once more, that which we had pride once of what we said we were and in many ways showed that, maybe!

The above could be about any of the 5,149 who have fallen, and that continues, in these occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and while the Country was burying Sgt. Cahir at Arlington two more U.S. and two British troops were killed in Afghanistan, from the many cities and small towns around this country, but it’s just one of the recent Honors given to those who serve with pride and honor, their country and constitution.

The pride and honor from many, in this country, seems more towards tearing it and the constitution apart, especially that coming from the extreme groups, and present and previous public servants, given the microphones and press to loudly condemn anything and everything and not backtracking and apologizing when caught in their many lies, just bringing on more!


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    • jimstaro on September 1, 2009 at 16:02

    A Hero’s Death in Afghanistan, and the Question ‘Why?’

    Bill Cahir joined the Marines after 9/11 to fight in Afghanistan, and he finally got there after two tours in Iraq. He was buried Monday at Arlington.

    On Saturday, millions watched as Ted Kennedy made his final trip to Arlington National Cemetery. With rather less attention, Arlington’s soil opened again Monday to accept the remains of one of Kennedy’s former aides, 40-year-old Bill Cahir.

    The deceased, an Alexandria resident, was unknown to most Americans, but he did no less for his country than his old boss — and, gauged by the last full measure of devotion, he did even more. He went from his job working for Kennedy in the Senate to become, at various points, a Washington journalist and a failed congressional candidate. But it was the Sept. 11 attacks that inspired Cahir, at age 34, to get an age waiver from military recruiters in 2003 and enlist in the Marines……………

  1. on DKos was by Sandy on Signal. Link [,-Sgt.-Bill-Cahir here}.

  2. I think I got the bracket wrong. I am not cut out to be a programmer. Link to his IGTNT diary by Sandy on Signal right here.

    • jimstaro on September 1, 2009 at 18:26

    Cahir’s widow: “Bill was a hero to me”

    The following statement was issued Monday by Bill Cahir’s widow, Rene Browne:

    “While this is a time of incredible loss and sadness for our family, we are deeply grateful for the tremendous outpouring of care and support we’ve received since the news of Bill’s death.

    “He was a loved and cherished husband, son, brother and excited father-to-be, as well as a friend and colleague who touched the lives of so many. From across the globe, the shared prayers, tributes and stories have meant so much and will keep Bill’s memory alive for all of us.

    “Bill was a hero to me, and to his family and friends, long before he gave his life for his country. He acted with the courage of his convictions in every facet of his life. Although I will forever miss him, I am blessed for the years that we spent together and for the stories that I will be able to share with our children of Bill’s ideals, bravery, love and compassion.

    “Bill would also be grateful to see that his story helped to raise awareness of the untold sacrifices of the men and women serving their country around the world today. It is their sense of duty and patriotism that inspired Bill to serve and will be the legacy of honor and commitment that he leaves to our children, and to the rest of us.”

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