YES! CO Dems tell Udall, Bennet: No PO = No Soup For You! (Updated w/ comment by Rep. Polis)

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    Be it resolved: The Executive Committee of the Broomfield Democrats on this date, on behalf of the party members, the county declares it’s support for President Obama’s call for a Robust Public Option health care plan . . . one  that is an intergal part of comprehensive reform that all Americans have access to quality basic health care irrespective of health conditions, socio-economic status or employment status. The present opportunity for true health care reform that meets the above objectives is too fragile and omportant to our nation for it to be lost to the politics of special interests.

    It should be clear by this proclamation that all elected officials and candidates for office desiring support of our party, either by financial or by ballot must evidence clear support for this resolution as stated. This applies to our Democratic colleauges Sen. Udall, Sen. Bennet and Representative Polis as well as any other candidates seeking office in the city and county of Broomfield, Colorado.

    We’re hammering Colorado Dems into line today.

    Join me below the fold to get in on the action.

    From the comments below

I strongly support the public option

And I always have. Eliminating the public option would mean that taxes would have to be raised by tens of billions of dollars to pay for the reforms. The public option is critical to ensure real competition with private insurers.

I opposed one version of a surcharge that affected small businesses, but I fully support making sure that any taxes raised need to be raised from people making more than $250,000 per year. One of the versions impacted a rate that small businesses pay and that there are many loopholes for. Much better to simply tax benefits for people making above a certain amount of money.

Congressman Jared Polis

Thank you for the clarification, Congressman

but we would really appreciate it if you made this declaration more publiicly, as the Publiic Option needs all the support it can get, and you have a podium to speak from that we, as average citizens, do not.

We appreciate you coming here and sharing with us, and will continue to support you as long as you continue to support us.



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    On yesterday’s edition of The Ed Show with Ed Shultz it was reported that the executive committee of Broomfield County, Colorado has put their Left Foot down on waffling Colorado Democrats in the best possible way. The text above was transcribed from the video in the link. They have basically said, “Hey, Colorado Democrats! No Public Option, No Soup For You”

    This illustrates the most effective way to knock some heads around in order to get what you want done. Sure, carrots are easier to give out, but that only works when someone is doing what you want. In cases such as these, a little strong arming and the tough guy approach is waaaay more effective. I only hope President Obama gets on borad with the strong arm tactics soon.

    And, as freshman Senators, Udall and Bennet are going to need some support in there bids for re-election (or, in Bennet’s case, actual election). If they don’t back up a Public Option, it looks like they are going to lose that support.

    This is how you motivate these people. Sure, carrots are good, but I’m more of a sticks or hammers kinda guy. My father was a carpenter, I guess it’s in my genes.

     Nevermind the obvious boost to the economy that cheaper, better insurance will provide to the majority of Americans, nevermind the benefits to small businesses a Public Health insurance option will provide them as they fight for their piece of the American dream (pie?), nevermind the fact that the late, great Senator Kennedy’s dying wish might as well have been true health care reform, something is still holding these Colorado guys back. Could it be . . . Satan?

    No, but it’s just as bad. It’s bipartisanship with the party of NO!

As I have said before, Idea + I hope (Obama) Fails = FAIL

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Colorado’s two Democratic U.S. Senators say any health care reform should include curbing out-of-control health care costs.

In a letter to Senate Finance Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. – who is leading a bipartisan health care reform compromise effort – Democratic Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet expressed concern that there has been “too little focus on containing health care costs.”

    Why thank you, Senator Baucus! We sure did appreciate a month of screaming wingnuts pulling down the President and the Democratic party in the polls! Thanks a ton.

    Now the hammer needs to come down on these three clowns like a ton of fucking bricks.

    Call or write these Freshman Senators and tell them we want them to go on record as stating that they WILL vote for a Robust Public Option for Health Insurance and Health Care reform, and remind them that we do donate to their campaign though we may not live in their states, or, we don’t depending, on their actions.

    Call or Hand Write Senator Michael Bennet Here


Washington DC     (202) 224-5852

Colorado          (719) 328-1100

    Call or Hand Write Senator Mark Udall Here


Washington DC   (202) 224-5941

Colorado        (970) 245-9553

    Please, E-mail these freshman Senators and respectfully remind them that even though we don’t live in their states we contribute hard earned money to their campaigns, or, we don’t depending on their actions.

    E-mail Senator Michael Bennet here

    E-mail Senator Mark Udall here

      Recommend this diary and use the contact info inside to BRING THE HAMMER DOWN on Senate Majority Leaner Harry Reid.

     For what it’s worth, I do not get paid to do this. I do it because I want to, I love the fight, and I love my country. Anyone who wants to pay me for this is more than welcome to. I need a job and could use the money.

    But I am just as happy doing it for the love.

Thanks for your efforts,


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  1. even if we have to do it our damn selves

  2. I really appreciate your and others work both here and at dkos. Very hard work as you get it from both sides, I may argue with you but I know that the only way being here makes a difference is people like you and nyceve and the others who get mud from both ends of the spectrum on line. Power to the people, is always a good thing and sorely needed.  

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