Jenna Bush The Today Show

Barf bag material.  The Today Show welcomes Jenna Bush as a “correspondent”.

Well that is the equivalent of Howard Stern demonstrating the spanking machine.

Just about gone this country plus my projections about the end times being only 30 days away are gaining confirmations by the hour.  What can you do?

When I talk of winning and losing, I’m not talking about FIGHTING. That’s important to understand. Fighting for peace never works.

When I refer to winning, I’m referring to creating the kind of world we want to see – one of freedom, opportunity and abundance. And there are others who want to see a world different from that.

These are the Illuminati. They believe they have the power of the Godhead in their own hands, including the right to do with us whatever they think is expedient or practical… from their own point of view.

These people – and the beings who control and influence them – basically have their own karmic issues which they’re working out (or failing to work out). The real challenge for those with the ability to do so is to assist them in freeing themselves.

Until that occurs, we may be stuck in a guerilla war in which we together form a kind of underground minority resistance. There’s not much liberty in that.

But in the meantime, we do need to take proactive measures to ensure that we all remain free on Planet Earth. That’s not part of the Illuminati game plan.

So the spiritual and the practical go hand in hand. Each of us may apply our own skills and intent in different ways. And in order to do this, we must be fully awake and aware.

Forget the TV, turn it off.  The world will continue it’s downward spiral even in your abscence.  Take a well needed break from the what they want you to think network and look around.  Do you have stored food, gas, a nifty Honda 2000 portable generator.  Have you made those decisions about impending forced government “relocations”.  Does everybody have several pairs of bolt/plastic handcuff cutters.  Do you realize that cell phone might not work should things get nasty.

I have my personal “hot sheets” much like the movie MIB with Tommy Lee Jones.  These are not paper but those “tabloids” of the internet which most strangely make far more sense than the moral profanity of lamestream The Today Show.

All of it outlines the deliberate destruction of America and it is going to happen despite how we all “feel” about it.  By that I mean those false diversion, division, distraction daily talking points coming straight out of the social engineering political think tanks be they “left” or “right”.

While some might enjoy Howard Stern’s spanking machine I’d rather help people pull together to eek out some semblance of survivability.  If that means I have to associate with the rednecks then fine.  They got guns.


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    • Joy B. on September 17, 2009 at 19:19

    You’re indulging (something don Juan always told Carlos). The Unicorn Flu isn’t that bad, honest. It’s all the way to epidemic in this state well before the first vaccine is released, we’re not dying in vast numbers. Heck, some of us didn’t even realize we had the flu until people around us got sick! It’s almost over now, by the time the vaccine is distributed nobody’s going to need it. Heck, it wasn’t even bad enough to close a single school, and that happens every January with regular seasonal flu. CDC has no plans that I’ve seen to force us to get it anyway. And since most of us can’t afford it, what’s the point? Just don’t get the shot. You’ll be fine.

    We live in interesting times for sure. Every generation before us did too, it’s the general State of the World which, as a foreign service lifer informed me decades ago, is ‘desperate, as usual’. Designed to be so. You don’t have to play their games, nor do you need to live in fear of them.

    You strike me as someone who is unusually capable of doing for himself. I like that, since I’m one of those sort of people too. I’ve just chosen not to live in fear, which of course has changed not a single external aspect of my life and what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune I’ve had to deal with. It’s just meant I don’t live in dread of the next sling or arrow. Why bother? Fear never stopped a bad thing from happening. All it can do is prevent good things from happening. For YOU. We’re all pretty much on our own here. That’s never changed in the entirety of history.

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