Forced Child Suicide Bombers = Charges of Racism to Glenn Beck, human piece of dung

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WARNING: This video depicts graphic footage of a child dying and should NOT be watched by the faint of heart.

Beck:     ” So they blow up a kid. They’re (The Taliban) using a child as a shield . . . This is the same kind of tactic being used now in America, you can’t get your agenda, so you release the hounds and point the fingers, and everybody’s a racist. Because why? Do you want to be called a racist?”

     If Glenn Beck can go any lower than this, I don’t want to see it.

     A full transcript and commentary below the fold.

Wait, what?

    Here’s the transcript first, broken up bit by hypocritical, sick bit.

Beck:     “I saw some videotape on Fox and Friends earlier today, and it was the Taliban. The Taliban is growing in strength over in Afghanistan, and, it’s pretty horrific stuff. It involves a kid, and they’re trying to set a bomb, and our guys are like, ‘ Do we take them out? Do we take them out? But we don’t want to kill a kid, we don’t want colatteral damage.’ I mean, it a tough, I mean, it’s war, and we have rules of engagement.”

    ” Why are they (Taliban) using bombs?Why are they blowing people up? Why are they using terror? I can tell you it’s because they can’t make their case. I mean, who’s signing up? You signing up? Can anyone, can anyone say anything to you that makes you say ‘Yeah, I want my wife to stay home and she can’t leave the house unless I’m with her and she certainly can’t drive cause she’s a woman, ya know. Amen to that! You signing up for sharia law? Yeah! I tell you what, you steal a loaf of bread and I’m cutting your hand off! Yeah! Yeah! Honor killings are the way to go, come on!’. So they can’t make their case, so what do they have to do? They have to push people through fear, intimidation, and in extreme cases, blowing people up.”

     Okay, so Glenn has established the fact that people with unpopular agendas (tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, privatization, torture, wars of aggression, race baiting, etc) have to use fear (death panels, terrorists are gonna getcha, pals around with terrorists, Obama/Dems are fascists/commies)to force that agenda on people when they can’t get them passed by popular appeal (i.e. Winning Elections).

     If this sounds anything like a party that loses elections and then fear mongers and lies in order to dupe people into voting against their own interests, you are probably onto something. Sadly, Glenn Beck, as usual, does not stop there.

Beck:      ” Now, let me bring you back to the video. I’m going to show this to you here, get ready in the control room”

     ” What is happening, why are they using a child? They are using a child because we don’t want to kill children, we find it abhorrent, we don’t want collateral damage, we find that abhorrent, and we also don’t like bad headlines, we don’t like it when they say ‘The United States is killing children!’, and our enemy knows that! So, what happens? They use children. Watch this video.”


    ” Do we engage or not?”

    ” So they blow up a kid. They’re (The Taliban) using a child as a , they’re using terror to jam their agenda down the world’s throats. They won’t accept that, that’s insanity. This is clearly an extreme example, nobody is saying we’re blowing children up or anything like that, but this is the same kind of tactic being used now in America, you can’t get your agenda, so you release the hounds and point the fingers, and everybody’s a racist. Because why? Do you want to be called a racist?”

     First of all, this is coming from the same guy who called President Obama a racist that hates white people, so Glenn is basically calling himself someone who uses terrorist tactics not unlike sending children off to suicide bomb Americans.

     What’s worse, Glenn Beck has sat by quietly while guestss on his program have said that ” The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States. “, so we know Glenn isn’t all that much against terrorism, is he?

    But really, this is a new low, even for Glenn Beck. To claim that people who are the victims of racism or perceive racism in the owords or actions of others are not unlike terrorists who use children as human shields or suicide bombers is a despicable act, the sort of thing that in a normal universe would get you run out of American television on a rail. Sadly, Faux News is not a part of the known universe, it is a bizarro world where people can race bait and yet still claim to be the victim, and call people racists while comparing people who call others racists terrorists who exploit children.

     I really can’t sum up how nauseating this is. The fact that Glenn Beck himself has called his political opponents and President Obama racists matters not to Glenn Beck, but if anyone else does it, well, they might as well be terrorists who hide behind children, a claim Glenn makes by crying out against using children as human shields. So, Glenn can use those children as political shields to ward off the claims (that are just) that state truthfully that Glenn Beck is a racist who claims that other people are racists.

    I know it’s confusing, but agfter all, we are trying to make sense out of something said by Glenn beck to his unwitting and misinformed audiences.

    It’s flat out disgusting, and something we might as well expect from Glenn Beck, human piece of dung.

    If you have not done so yet, please sign the petition to boycott Beck’s advertisers with

    It is now more days than I can recall since Glenn Beck stated that our President Barack Obama is a racist who hates white people. I take this as a sign that his employers at News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch are unrepentant scum who will stoop to anything to justify that lies and hate mongering, even if it means showing video of children dying in order to justify their racism, their lies and their hatred.

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     Pushing an unpopular agneda with fear and intimidation. It sounds like the GOP and the Right Wing media have found their new slogan.

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  1. I feel it is necessary to expose this piee of human dung, lest anyone mistake him for an actual human being.

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    In an article titled Is Glen Beck Bad For America The article suggests hat Glen Beck and his racist ideas represent America of the 21st century a nation that elected an African American as its President.    

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