Invisibility technology means Goodbye freedom, makes 1984 look like a walk in the park

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Duke University, 2006. 3 years later, how much more has been learned?

    Blogging the future looks like it might be some scary shit.

    Because, lets face it, invisibility in the hands of the Oligarchy means we WILL have Secret Police, and Secret Police means freedom is dead and thought crime is next. When you can crush political dissent, what can’t you do?

     So, in 3 years how much farther has this technology come?

Invisibility Cloak One Step Closer To Reality  

Jan 15, 2009

    In a paper published in this week’s Science, a team from Duke University and Southeast University in Nanjing, China, reports a new and improved cloak that can conceal a bump-and anything hidden beneath-on a flat surface. Both the surface and the bump must be reflective, however. The new setup is upgraded to function for a relatively broad spectrum of light, whereas previous models had very narrow operational regimes.

This cloak, like its predecessors from the group of David Smith, an electrical and computer engineering professor at Duke, is built from metamaterials-novel composite structures designed to make light work in unusual ways.

Although the new cloak represents a step forward, even this “broadband” model is still a long way from rerouting visible light. The wavelengths of the microwave radiation regime in which the cloak works are tens of thousands of times longer than those of visible light.

    Nothing comforts me more than the idea that American and Chinese scientists are working together to create a technology that would be a police state’s wet dream. I mean, what are the odds that China would uselike this too crush Democracy? Or, for that matter, why would America’s Oligarchs want something like that?

    Just think of the beautiful society we could create if all dissent could be crushed without any noises protests or messy elections. A land where thought crime could be wiped out entirely, and the prevailing freedom would be the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

    And the worst part? IT’S INVISIBLE! You wouldn’t ever know they have it until they do.

    Much like the loss of your freedom, you wouldn’t know it was gone until it’s too late.

    I think the uncivilized French Polynesia of Gauguin is sounding better and better all the time. I can paint and write and fish and marry a native girl with flowers in her hair, and if I get the right hardware I can blog the future (or lack thereof) from there.

    But, in the meantime, watch your back. You have no idea what might be behind you.


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  1. I bleak, barren landscape it is shaping up to be. Hopefully we can do something about that, before it is too late.

    The coming idiocracy and Corporate police state looks more and more certain everyday.

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  2. And eventually those weapons will be captured, studied, and duplicated. After which there will be, inevitably, war.

    The Native Americans learned to use “boomsticks” pretty quickly. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the Native American nations remained fragmented and tribal in the face of a more organized, unified threat.

    Remember that.

    • Arctor on September 30, 2009 at 19:36

    of THE NO FLY LIST, reinforced by taking your shoes off at airport! Most Americans intuitively know to keep their dissent to themselves nowadays…ever wonder why there’s so little public outrgae over dire conditions: economy, healthcare, loss of civil liberties? NO FLY BABY!! You want to travel freely for work or pleasure: watch what you say, and, oh yeah, leave your laptop behind lest Customs and Immigration confiscate it! What f…ng Sheep we are, New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die” is now nothing but an empty slogan!

  3. my friend, this works only for a tiny bit of the electromagnetic spectrum, and not one that we occupy with a very large silhouette.

    This also cuts in more than one way:  let us assume that it works for the visible spectrum of light (and it DOES NOT).  You, inside of the cloaked area, would be absolutely blind, since the electromagnetic energy (aka, light) would be bent away from your eyes, so you would see nothing but background.

    Warmest regards,


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