Africom and the End of Civilization

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If there was any doubt about the primary mission of U.S. foreign policy, it should be clear based on the mission of Africom.  The mission is to protect and establish U.S. oil and mineral interests on the continent.  There is no other reason to establish a major military organization such as that.  It’s not about terrorism.  It’s not about defense of our nation.  It is simply about protecting our economic interests, of which the primary interest is oil.  

This is a truly savage foreign policy.  Still, no different from the foreign policies of past empires, before the Romans and since.  Perhaps more so because of the sheer numbers of people affected.   This is a foreign policy that causes people to die.  Millions of people.  This is an inhumane foreign policy that takes no interest in the havoc it reeks on innocent people.  This an idea from the minds of Dick Cheney and his ilk, who have no thoughts about the four year old kids who die because if it.  These are the same type of minds that promoted and accomplished slavery, the first exploitation of Africa’s resources.  

The Military Industrial Complex is the most powerful entity on earth.  The reason is the money involved and the power the U.S. military can wield..  The budget of the DOD and the interests that are affected assures it.  One can read about the money that affected the health care reform issue, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the reach of the MIC.   Oil and natural resources are the number one national interest of the elite.  It doesn’t matter if a million people must be killed to get it.  It doesn’t matter whether an entire continent must be kept in despair.  What matters is that the U.S. is able to continue it’s American way of life.  What matters is the corporate coffers continue to be filled, and the elite can continue to be the elite.

There probably is some small space in Dick Cheney’s mind that believes these efforts are in some way beneficial to the entire U.S. populace.  He knows darn well that peak oil has arrived and to continue our current way of life would require being at the head of the line for the last pickings.   But probably, he simply maintains the posture based on the acceptance he receives from the inner groupies patting his back.  

This whole Africom thing started shortly after the illegal attack on the nation of  Iraq.  It was partly DOD driven in it’s never ending organizational restructuring, and partly because of the Bush/Cheney policy that the U.S. needed to upgrade the pursuit of  oil and natural resources worldwide because of the impending shortages.   The US is the largest user and importer of oil in the world, by far.  Of course, that is exactly why we went into Iraq, holder of the fourth largest oil supply in the world.  

The U.S. created Africom because of the strategic oil interests on the continent.  As with the Middle East and Central Asia, some countries have the resources and some don’t.  But they are all affected because to get to the resources requires taming the boundaries.    Djibouti has become the largest U.S. military enclave in Africa , and the defacto Africom headquarters, because of it is the gateway to Ethiopia and Somalia, which are rich in resources.  U.S. involvement in Uganda is largely because of its’ proximity to Sudan, which has large deposits of oil, although recent discoveries in Uganda indicate a rich supply as well.  

Our military is there under the guise of “defense, diplomacy, and development”.  Whatever that means.  I’m not sure what defense we need against the Tutsi’s and I’m pretty sure the role of the military isn’t diplomacy and development of other countries.  

Africom represents the reach of the man.  The utter savagery and lack of moral conscience that afflicts the human race.  Four hundred years after the white people started  stealing precious resources from Africa, the rape continues.        


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  1. Excellent essay man. Definitely tipped and rec’d.

    As Always…Peace ;-)>

    • Edger on October 1, 2009 at 01:43

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