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The American Family Association (AFA) is a hate mongering group headquartered in Tupelo, MS.  They have been around for quite some time, and are tax exempt because they are a “ministry”.

One of their “ministries” is One News Now (ONN), their “news” outlet.  In addition to some of their in house writers, they regularly repost the bile vented by Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, and several other wingnut writers.

Here is recent sampling.  I reluctantly link to the original article so you can see that I am not distorting it.  Within the boundaries of Fair Use I quote a couple of lines from the story, then peruse and reply to some of the comments.  The comments there are cut and pasted, so I do not alter them at all.  

I will present the snippets, along with links, to the original stories in blockquotes, comments at ONN in italics, otherwise unaltered, my response to them in bold, and my final thoughts in normal type. Here we go.

Capitol Hill gathering to inspire Muslim aggression? Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 9/25/2009 4:00:00 AM

A political activist and pro-family leader says he has great concerns about today’s Capitol Hill gathering of Muslims from all across the United States.  snip

Robert Knight is a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries. He says having 50,000 Muslims on Capitol Hill paints a very potent picture for Muslims around the world.  snip

At least one pro-family organization has expressed deep concern about the individuals who have organized the gathering and who are scheduled to speak. In an Action Alert to its constituents, the American Family Association has described those individuals as “men who harbor both anti-Semitic and fundamentally anti-American views.” And like Knight, AFA notes President Obama’s refusal to participate in the National Day of Prayer in May — in contrast to his hosting of a White House dinner celebrating what Obama called “the Holy Month of Ramadan.”  snip

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins wondered if the Muslims would be “praying for the well-being of our nation.”  snip

Perkins called the Muslim gathering “a wake-up call for the church” and a warning that if Christians do not “fill the void that’s in this nation with the truth, it will be filled with something else.”

The comments from readers of this hate site are in italics, and my response is in bold type.

Pres. Obama is a Muslim. You don;t hang around dogs without getting fleas and you can’t be a Christian and not attend Church regularly, pray to Jesus, and praise a religion to be equal with Christianity. Jesus said “He is the Way, the Truth, and the Way NO MAN enters the Kingdom except through Him. If you deny me before man, I will deny you before my Father.” We had better stand up or we will be slave to the Muslims as their Quran states is their mission. Obama said there are 57 states, that is how many there are in the Muslim goverened world. Wake up!!

OK, he is a Muslim, and the commenter does not know what an apostrophe is.  The commenter also equates folks of other faiths with dogs (a common Muslim insult, by the way).  Look at the recurring theme, “wake up”.  It is very reminiscent of “Deutschland, erwache!” from the 1930s.

I pray that all Christian’s will be alarmed and pray for God’s mercy.

I do not know what it is about wingnuts and apostrophes, but here is another mistake.

We Americans need to wake up before it is too late. Most Muslims see President Obama as a Muslim and not an American. He scares me. Obama clearly is NOT a Christian and I’ve never seen him pray or put his hand on his heart when the pledge is being recited.

Deutschland, erwache!  So, Muslims can not be Americans.  You are scared.  He is not a Christian because you never saw him pray or put his hand somewhere.  I take it that you shadow him all of the time so that you can say this with authority.

for the first time in my life i’m afraid of and for my country

Sounds like sort of a jihad sentiment, but that is just my take.

50,000 Muslims at the U.S. Capitol while even today terrorists are trying to blow us up in the name of Islam!!! Based on the writings of the Koran there are no moderate Muslims. Wake up people, please!!!

Certainly, the right to assemble peaceably must be eliminated immediately!  Deutschland, erwache!

Christians would never be allowed to do this. If Obama won’t celebrate National Day of Prayer, he certainly would not let Christians do what the Muslims are doing. Christians better wake up and get more invovled or we are going to lose our freedoms very fast!

We are being persecuted!  Obama is, well, not one of us.  Christians would never be allowed to do this. Deutschland, erwache!

This is a criminal act agaisnt our nation and what we stand for. Our very belief system is being targeted by the destroyer himself and our so called protecter Mr. Obama is encouraging this act. We as a people must cry to our one and only God to protect and forgive them of such a hatred attack. The BIBLE states coruption from within. How scary can it be that this is taking place before our own eyes and how many people are being DECEIVED. God forgive us.

Yes, to assemble in a peaceable manner certainly must be a crime, and the President will not crush these criminals.  Assembling this way is a “hatred attack”.  I do not quite understand the rest of the rant.

Wake up America. time is running out! A

Deutschland, erwache!

No worry “God is in control”. That is the biggest lie propagated by soft Christianity there is. No where in the Bible does it say God is in control. It does say in 1 John 5:19 ” We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the control of the evil one.” Wake yp people. Read your bible and test what those Pastor’s are teaching.

This one is rich.  Satan is in control, Deutschland, erwache! (mispelled), and another apostrophe error.  What is it with these folks and apostrophes?

Muslims can pray on public property without objection from the big and nasty aclu, but a Christian praying over his lunch in a public school lunchroom sets off all kinds of bells and whistles? While the aclu and other anti-god groups fighting everything church and state, these anti-god groups may have opened up cans of worms they may not have considered. Not only are we now vulnerable to every shady culture from around the world changing the landscape of this country, but this could also fuel extreme intentions from groups around the world to attempt to create a culture “war” within the US, since it seems we are divided and don’t know what identify us as a nation. Thanks to the aclu and other groups who are so offended by our Christian Heritage and Values, no one around the world knows actually what the USA stand for these days.

Oh, yeah, I forgot that the ACLU is behind it all.  They want to keep us from saying grace over food, you betcha!  Not only are we now vulnerable to every shady culture from around the world changing the landscape of this country, but this could also fuel extreme intentions from groups around the world to attempt to create a culture “war” within the US, since it seems we are divided and don’t know what identify us as a nation.  Wow! that is a 57 word sentence; no wonder that number agreement between your noun and verb is wrong.  You simply forgot what you were saying.

The meeting today on OUR White House property infuriates me! If we as Christians tried to hold a prayer service there, we would be arrested, It is not unusual for someone(s)to be arrested and charged for praying before a ball game, at a dinner, etc. connected with a school. This is outrageous!

Yes, the meeting at the White House, where the Capitol is.  Right.  I do suspect that one would be arrested if they invaded the White House to pray, or for that matter to do anything.  Idiot.

I only hope churches start waking up soon.

Deutschland, erwache!  Well, Kirchen, erwache!

The article is not saying to hate people of that faith,but to be aware of the dangers of what it stands for. Their militant ones have no problem with using the freedoms of the USA to their advantage. (Does the way the handshake is, mean something? On their site under the Live Video is: “10:49 ugagrad: Genesis 21:11-14, Says that Isaac (jew) and Ismael (Muslim) would be enemies for all time and be the father of many nations… What do you think about that?”) What does that mean? We need to pray for them to see truth, and that we will stand in the strength and love of the Lord, without compromise, share truth in a way that will glorify God. 2 Corinthians 6: 14-15 talks of not binding together with unbelievers. That’s sharing the truth with them in a loving way; but, not joining with them.

What is the deal with the handshake?  I also learned some new history!  There were Muslims before 622 CE!

Bullies unchecked push harder. . . and in this case the bullies were invited by the principal. If this “principal” can ignore the National Day of Prayer and Jewish freedom but keeps kissing up to the Muslims – we’ll know where his heart is and why he is intent on destroying our nation.

The President is a bully that ignores Christians and Jews but kisses up to the Muslims!  Oh, noes!  He will destroy us!

The problem is that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, not Islamic. Because Britain and France have been so lenient towards the Islamic community, both countries now have Sharia law, alongside their own laws. The Muslims make no pretense of their ultimate goal – the complete takeover of all the nations – to make Islam the religion of the world! Our politicians have been exceedingly lax. If you know you have a den of snakes in your backyard, do you think you are being generous by allowing them to remain? I know I am not “politically correct” or “tolerant.” Frankly, I do not care. These people should never have been permitted to settle in this country in the first place.

This one is not even funny.  Muslims are snakes and should not be allowed to remain.  That sounds to me like incitement to murder, not to mention that the prejudice against snakes, common in scripture, shows there.  These people should never have been permitted to settle in this country in the first place.???!  I imagine that is what most of the indigenous people in this continent were saying around 1680.

THis really shows our President”s allegiance, by not participating in our national day of prayer, ie Christians and Jews gathering, but participating fully in the month of Ramadan Prayers, to the Moslems and the world of Islam. A USA President”s allegiance is to the United States, the diversity in Faith, and peoples thereof.

So a group of Muslims gathering at the Capitol shows our President’s allegiance?  What about the tea baggers a couple of weeks ago?  Oh, and the apostrophe thing again.  This time, let us use two at a time, just to be sure, TWICE!

Five Stars on reporting. How shall we respond to this obvious attempt to change America into nation in servitude to an entity that does not exist except in the enbodiment of Satan Himself. Scripture is clear concerning endtimes. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ must be prepared every moment to rebut the evil that is being perpetrated in this administration. We know the end times prophesy and the ultimate outcome. The days in between must count for Christ for those who would believe in Him, for it is He and He alone Who reserves eternity with Him. We must return our nation to faith in God through Jesus Christ. There is no other way. Unlike some cultures who murder for any reason with respect to beliefs, ours is a choice to live under Our Heavenly Father’s Devine Love and Forgiveness for our sins. One Nation, Under God? or not. LM

Isn’t Devine a transsexual performer?  By the way, the “under God” part of the Pledge was inserted by Congress in the 1950s during the Cold War.  But history and facts mean nothing to folks like these.

This is yet another wake-up call to Christians in our nation!

Deutschland, erwache!

we need to find legal and moral reasons to have Obama and those in congress that are a part of this liberal thinking expelled!They do not represent our Lord’s commands. I know we trust the Lord is on the throne but if we know to do good and do not it is sin.

Yes, the crime of liberal thinking rises to the punishment of expulsion.  If only everyone would think like me…..

Time for a wake up call for all Christians and Jews!

Deutschland, erwache!

I only hope and pray that Christians wake up soon and begin to see and understand the truth about what is happening to America and begin to live the christian faith and get busy for the cause of Christ before we are completely silenced

Deutschland, erwache!

People need to understand that although we are SUPPOSE to have freedom of religion it seems the only ones who possess that freedom are the Muslims. Obama embraces that while denouncing Christianity and the rights of Christians whether it be in school or the public square all the while trying to implement a hate crime bill that would eventually disallow preachers to preach against sin. The sine of homosexuality.

Nice noun/verb number agreement in the first sentence, especially when capitalizing the verb.  I am trying to remember the sine of homosexuality.  Is that the cosine of heterosexuality, or am I going off onto a tangent?  We all knew that bigamy would lead to trigonometry.

They try to bomb us, they fly planes into our buildings, they cut the heads off of our citizens while they scream and choke on their own blood and we let these people gather in the tens of thousands in our country? ARE WE INSANE?? We are deceived: Wake up CHRISTIAN AMERICA!

This one is not at all funny, either.  It reeks of hate and violence, and of course there is the Deutschland, erwache! part.  These “good Christian” folks are dangerous.

Well written article. Wake up Christians, repent & turn to GOD. This is happening because we were weak in our prayer life & in our seeking of the LORD. Let’s not continue in our slumber, but wake up & seek the LORD.

Deutschland, erwache!

Certainly with all else that is going on, this could be a life changing event for this nation. The leaders of the prayer/ gathering speak loudly. Why would they change their direction now? Wake up America!

Deutschland, erwache!

Proves to me Obama is not American, but a muslim as I have thought.

Doggone it, Muslims can NOT be Americans!  Don’t you know that?

Lost prayer in schools, Took “God” out of the pledge of allegience, No 10 commandments in a courthouse, and more. But public Islamic prayer at the White House is ok? It’s really time for Christians everywhere to pray even harder for their country.

Can someone find even one statement of fact in this comment?  I still like folks confusing the White House with the Capitol.  What wonderfully educated citizens!

Well, enough with that article.  However, this shows the mind set of many of the wingnuts, led by the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the TAX EXEMPT American Family Association.  How is it that they keep their tax exempt status, pray tell me?  But more serious than that is some of the extremely hateful thoughts manifested on what purports to be a Christian, tax-exempt, “ministry”.

Here is another gem.

Dangerous ‘Plan B’ deemed a failure – by proponents Charlie Butts and Jody Brown – OneNewsNow – 9/28/2009 5:00:00 AM

Three pro-contraception journalists are lamenting that “Plan B” has been a failure.

Writing in the journal Contraception, the journalists write that Plan B emergency contraception — often referred to as the “morning-after pill” — “is not as effective in reducing unwanted pregnancy rates at a population level as we once hoped.” snip

Moira Gaul, director of women’s and reproductive health at the Family Research Council (FRC), points out too that the pill has failed to reduce unintended pregnancies, and that the “convenience” of it means not having to see a doctor to get it. snip

The FRC fellow says organizations that profit from sales of Plan B — such as Planned Parenthood — are employing false advertising. “Because they continue to fail to inform women of the possible abortifacient mechanism of the drug,” she explains. “And this is a clear violation of informed consent for…people who believe that life begins at conception.”

Folks, please note that the article never identifies the “three journalists” who supposedly wrote the piece, nor any reference as to volume, issue, nor page number.  This is very suspicious.

It is also interesting that the Family Research Council is involved, another tax-exempt organization.  There is a theme here.

In any event, here are some of the comments with my responses.

When are we going to face up to the fact that most contrception methods are really abortions in disguise? When we finally get Roe overturned a lot of these so called contraceptives should go too!

Almost, but not quite a Deutschland, erwache! statement, but pretty close.  Also, if I were opposed to something, I would try to spell the object of my opposition correctly.  However, the real message is that these wingers conflate contraception with abortion, and always will.

Don’t count on Roe V. Wade being overturned. We need a constitutional amendment that declares that the unborn have God given unalienable rights too. Do not leave this in the hands of fallible judges to flip flop back and forth on. Instead, document the will of the people in the constitution, reaffirming what is actually already there, protection for God given unalienable human rights, including the most innocent of human life, the unborn.

So, shall we amend the Constitution (at least I have enough respect for that document to use a capital letter) to declare that the stupid have no rights?  You would be out of luck.  By the way, the word is “inalienable”, at least as used by the Founders.  The mental image of fallible judges flip flopping over their hands is amusing.  The last 32 word sentence makes little sense to me.  Perhaps I did not see in my copy of the Constitution where it says that the unborn are recognized.  Please tell me if I overlooked something.

Well, I should end this torture.  My point is that these people exist, have absolutely no understanding of Constitutional law, contribute (with tax deductions) to these fringe groups (which are also tax exempt), and really believe that they are right.  They are dangerous, and we are subsidizing them with OUR tax dollars.  I strongly suspect that Docudharma as well as Dailykos are organizations that are subject to income tax.  The bile spewed on the sites mentioned above is as political, if not more so, than anything on the tax liable ones, so what gives?

I believe that a netroots effort needs to be started to get the authorities to examine the tax exempt status of these extreme wingnut organizations so that we can challenge them on a fair basis.  What say you, folks?

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