How about some truth on Foreign Policy?

All this hyperventilating over Iran is yet another case of a fabricated “crisis” foisted upon the American people and the World.  How about some truth?

Is Obama smart enough or honest enough to avoid the trap that is being laid?


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  1. “There is a secret nuclear facility in the Middle East producing plutonium and not just enriched uranium, which has the capacity to make 10 Nuclear Warheads a year.

    It is Israel‘s ongoing nuclear weapon production that drives the nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

    — Juan Cole,  Informed Consent

    The whole provocation is entirely 100% ISRAEL.

    • Inky99 on September 29, 2009 at 06:54

    As an example of how the corporate right-wing media is controlled by the pro-hard-line, right-wing Israeli types (not to mention our government), here’s a little piece on our buddy Wolf Blitzer.

    Wolf Blitzer is the TV news host of “The Situation Room” on CNN. Millions of Americans tune into his show to get the latest news on issues such as the Iraq War, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel-Palestine. I would guess that most of his viewers  no idea who Wolf Blitzer is. If they did, they may question the objectivity of his mid-east reporting.

    Blitzer began his journalist career in the early 1970s when he began working for Reuters in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1973, Blitzer was hired as a journalist for the right wing Israeli newspaper “The Jerusalem Post.”  Mr. Blitzer spent the next 17 years working there. While at  JPost, Blitzer  held a position at the right wing Israel lobbying group AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). In 1990, Wolf Blitzer began working for CNN where he has spent most of his career.

    In 1985, Mr. Blitzer authored an Op-ed (see a copy here) in the NY Times titled: “A Defense Pact With Israel Now.” As the title suggests, Blitzer argued for a formal defense pact to be signed by the two countries. At the time, US-Israeli relations were strained after the arrest of Jonathon Jay Pollard, an American Intelligence official who was caught selling state secrets to Israel. “It may seem ridiculous to press this notion now, at a time when the two countries are at such odds,” Blitzer writes. “But that is precisely the reason to accelerate this project.”

    Isn’t is hypocritical …  that a former lobbyist for the right wing of Israeli politics is now a journalist who reports Middle East issues to the American people? Would we want an insurance company lobbyist reporting on health care? A weapons industry lobbyist reporting on war?

    Today, CNN had some idiot talking heads on the TV, with the words on the screen to the effect:   “How do we stop Iran?”

    Don’t you love that?   The assumption.   Stated as fact, stated literally as a paradigm:   Iran HAS to be STOPPED.

    Stopped from what, defending itself?   It was called part of the “Axis of Evil” by the United States, and since then, the United States has invaded two of its immediate neighbors, and now 40,000 more troops are being “requested” to join the fun in next-door Afghanistan.  

    But if they defend themselves, they are somehow “rogue”.  

    Meanwhile, Israel is the real threat to world peace.  If anyone is “rogue”, it is the state of Israel, run by a bunch of warmongering racist hate-filled fascists who will commit any kind of war crimes in the name of “security”, hell, they make General Custer look like Mahatma Ghandi.  

    And people in our media like Wolf Blitzer do their bidding 100%

  2. I like Rep Sestak (D-PA)’s take on it, the ONLY reason we should be going into Afghanistan is to get OBL and Taliban, no policings, no nation building, goals and exit strategy MUST exist.

    As for Iran, this feels soooooo much like the run up to Iraq it’s sickening

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