Coast Guard

I can remember when the Coast Guard was thought of as the fire department of the sea, it’s primary function being to rescue.  Not so in “this post 911 world”.

Coast Guard performs a drill.  News network picks up radio transmissions and reports “terrorist” attack.  Ray-gun airport closes!  Plus this morning my out of sync Satan vision TeeVee shows not only my fire department Coast Guard, a speeding boat complete with anti-terorist GI Joe action figure clutching a 50 cal, but also yet another photo of Osama(been dead three years) Bin Laden!

It was followed up by the assurance that one only needs a SINGLE dose of the swine flu bioweapon this fall.  The local paper had a front page story over an argument.  Fox News had been banned at the local YMCA after a complaint of “hate speech” over the health care issue lodged by four people.  That decision was overuled on the basis of non-censorship.

Well it is official.  My old laptop is fried.  I have been told MACs are far better and I would tend to agree however as an engineer MACs don’t interface to anything so my old habits die hard.  After the restore though the PC has to be de-crapified

Plus the other satanic software like winblows firewall,indexer,messenger along with traces of AOL have to be historized.  At the very least a two day process.

The wife suggested I just go out and buy another laptop as those prices have really come down.

“Ya, hon, but I’d be breaking my own rule of not supporting technologies of the anti-Christ by getting VISTA“.

Pondering the three year lifespan of hard drives has me wondering.

Should I compromise my prime directive to bitch daily about unicorn flu bioweapons.

Also on my mind is the cheapness of the Chinese made ViseGrip tool I had to use to remove a cotter pin from my son’s steering stabilizer.  A shitty tool fails to do it’s job because it is made by people who never used a tool.  It was marketed by people who pay other people to fix things.  It was made in the factory my grandson will never work in and that factory was financed by the entire western world.


  1. Also the concept of lamestream has also invaded the IT industry as a whole.  What do I want/need in recovering from this “disaster”?  Well a drive adapter for laptop to standard IDE for one thing to get the data off a dead hard drive.  You think Staples, Best Buy had such a thing, no.

    Plus software.  How do you boot a dead drive.  Ya, I want the same electronic forensic software the NSA has and again lamestream commercial outlets don’t sell that either.

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