Time to Jump Start the Anti War Movement


With the final betrayal of the progressive left still stinging like salt rubbed into a raw wound and the Pope of Hope’s filthy Judas administration in full damage control mode after Sunday’s slip by Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius that the public option was about to have its life support unplugged. The public option (without it any ‘reform’ of health care is no more than garbage)was the feckless fallback position for the corporate puppet Obama rather than the right thing which would be national single payer insurance and in true form the white flag was already run up by the reigning lord of the jackass party. You would think with armed thugs now carring assault weapons prowling Obama town halls that he and his rotten liar cabal of Wall Street and insurance water carriers that he would be a bit less likely to alienate those who are the true base but once again it is made evident of how much we are all being played for fools and chumps and have been ever since the DLC decided to throw in with the Reagan Revolution.

This latest dagger in the back should be the final one except of course to the fawning, brainless O-Bots who only were lured into politics to worship the false idol reality TV prez and the denial stricken progressives who assure the rest of us to keep waiting for the chess master to set up his grand master plan and he will like Michael Jordan then dance spinning dervishes past, around and through bewildered opponents who never knew what hit em. Despite what will prove to be futile efforts by exiled DNC chairman Howard Dean to bring pressure for the public option as the old hunting saw goes, it’s time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire…this one’s over.

Now what?

Which brings us to the question of what the fuck happened to the anti-war movement? When Bush was riding tall in the saddle there were millions in the streets (although you would never know it with the corporate media focusing on celebrity sleaze and indoctrination) as well as a serious coalition to bring an end to the illegal wars and murders of brown people in far away lands. Now of course the opportunistic DemocRATs smelling foot soldiers in their war to return to the guardians of all things corporate smelled their opportunity and to an astoundingly swift and successful degree co-opted much of the liberal side of the peace movement and merged it with the Obama Generation newbies. But with the champagne not yet flat after the coronation balls to celebrate the coming of the new king the drones were already flying and the cruise missile liberals were totally down with it now as long as it was their guy in the White House. It has been an endless series of betrayals ever since, the wars still rage, a ruthless stone cold killer named General Stan McChrystal has been sent into Afghanistan to perform his black ops magic, Pakistan is ready to go up in flames, Iraq is again erupting and sooner or later Obama is going to have to be pressured into greenlighting an Israeli strike on Iran – much easier to justify now that his poll numbers are sinking like whaleshit to the bottom of the sea.

This is unconscionable, intolerable and with the financial cost of sustaining the empire destroying the domestic economy it is unsustainable.

The only hope for progressives, liberals and the left in general is to jump start the anti war movement and to do it soon. There is a glimmer of hope that this can happen with a bit of help from the principled left – remember Cindy Sheehan? She used to be a high profile figure before the Rahm Emanuel wing of the DemocRAT party threw here under the bus. Well…she’s back and is planning an audacious protest at Martha’s Vineyard where Obama will be retreating for his summer vacation much like the one where she showed up at Chickenhawk Ranch down in Crawford so many years ago. Here is the press release from her blog Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox:

Cindy Sheehan heads to Martha’s Vineyard to Confront Obama on the War

August 16, 2009

For immediate release:

Next week, Cindy Sheehan will join other like-minded peace activists to have a presence near the expensive resort on Martha’s Vineyard where President Obama will be vacationing the week of August 23-30.

From her home in California, Ms. Sheehan released this statement:

“There are several things that we wish to accomplish with this protest on Martha’s Vineyard.

First of all, no good social or economic change will come about with the continuation or escalation of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We simply can’t afford to continue this tragically expensive foreign policy.

Secondly, we as a movement need to continue calling for an immediate end to the occupations even when there is a Democrat in the Oval Office. There is still no Noble Cause no matter how we examine the policies.

Thirdly, the body bags aren’t taking a vacation and as the US led violence surges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so are the needless deaths on every side.

And, finally, if the right-wing can force the government to drop any kind of public option or government supported health care, then we need to exert the same kind of pressure to force a speedy end to the occupations.”

Cindy Sheehan will arrive on the Vineyard on Tuesday, August 25th.

For more information, or to request an interview with Cindy Sheehan please contact:

Laurie Dobson

[email protected]

(207) 604-8988


Bruce Marshall

[email protected](802) 767-6079

How much coverage is this going to get in the corporate media? ZERO is my bet.

And will she be confronted by the Secret Service who had no such issues with the assault weapon toting goon in Arizona?

By definition every President of the United States is a war criminal, Democrats and liberals brought hell forth against the murderers Johnson and McNamara and set off a social movement that shook this country to it’s very roots.

Time Again….


  1. Much of the organizational infrastructure of the supposed antiwar movement consisted of little more than Democratic Party front groups.  At the same time, what is essentially a total news blackout has been imposed on what residual antiwar activism there is.

    Now well into my 50s, I’m coming to the conclusion that the revolutionary leanings of my young adulthood offer a more substantive response to hegemony than the thoroughly coopted and hideously thin reformism on offer within the system.  Coincidentally, it is just now that the hottest, mot talked about radical tract in 40 years has appeared on the margins, and is even gaining a certain limited attention within the mainstream.  Coincidence, yes, maybe, or perhaps a shift in the zeitgeist:  The Coming Insurrection.

    A taste:

    From whatever angle you approach it, the present offers no way out. This is not the least of its virtues. From those who seek hope above all, it tears away every firm ground. Those who claim to have solutions are contradicted almost immediately. Everyone agrees that things can only get worse. “The future has no future” is the wisdom of an age that, for all its appearance of perfect normalcy, has reached the level of consciousness of the first punks.

    The sphere of political representation has come to a close. From left to right, it’s the same nothingness striking the pose of an emperor or a savior, the same sales assistants adjusting their discourse according to the findings of the latest surveys. Those who still vote seem to have no other intention than to desecrate the ballot box by voting as a pure act of protest. We’re beginning to suspect that it’s only against voting itself that people continue to vote. Nothing we’re being shown is adequate to the situation, not by far. In its very silence, the populace seems infinitely more mature than all these puppets bickering amongst themselves about how to govern it. … The lid on the social kettle is shut triple-tight, and the pressure inside continues to build. From out of Argentina, the specter of Que Se Vayan Todos is beginning to seriously haunt the ruling class.

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