DD Writers Jam Fest: Mothership UPDATED FRI

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We be jammin’ now, dharmanuts. Are you having fun yet? I am. This is my vacation. I know, I should Get A Life, but… heh. Okay.

I’ll maintain this Essay as a “Mothership”, meaning, I’ll add with UPDATES all day today, as Essays arrive. Links to DD Writers Jam Fest essays from Day One (yesterday) are below.

DD Writers Jam Fest… a five days Docudharma exclusive (!) Writer’s… uhm … focus group? no… er, Workshop? well, sorta, maybe. Free For All? hmmm, yah.

DATES: Wednesday through Sunday, August 12 – 16th, 2009

WHERE: Here, mostly, but also in your Brain, CPU or Journal

WHO: You. Everybody. Dharmanoids. Whoever wants in, jump in (as long as you play nice). You don’t have to be a “Writer”, no ID card or credentials art the door required. No Registration Fees either

HOSTED BY: moi but it’s a community thing

REWARDS? PRIZES? MEGA BONUSES? Er, no. Free ponies though!

Basically, the idea here is twofold:

ONE is… just write. Put “DD Writers Jam Fest” in your tags. You can also plop the Jam Fest image Banner into the body of your Essay if you like. Creative writing, or Instructional Essay or Op-Ed or whatever seems suitable to you. Have at it.

NOTE: Please drop a comment here to alert me if/when you publish a Jam Essay so I can link to it here.

TWO is the Round Robin.  The very first Round Robin is going on now! I’ll post a new RR for today in.a.bit…. this afternoon.

UPDATE: OKay so I spazzed out yesterday and didn’t post one. The All New and Improved Round Robin for today is now up. Come on over and jump in. You know you want to.

Here’s the links to the previous brainstorming, which might give you a little of background of how this Jam Fest came about: Part One and Part Two.

I’d like to add that Docudharma has some ongoing Series for writers (and readers) here … in particular, Robyn posts Muse in the Morning every morning. Robyn celebrates the Muses and encourages everyone to contribute their talent there anytime.  

Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for?

~Alice Walker

DD Writers Jam Fset posted Friday, Aug 14:

excellent essay from pico here.

DD Writers Jam Fest Essays posted on August 12 (yesterday, Day One):

Jay Elias has a draft Essay up now where he invites critique.

This lovely piece of fiction from Translator.

And, from Ministry of Truth, we have Jam Fest Poetry Edition.

Early bird Diane W  snuck one by me with her fictional essay this morning, Hundred Man Chess. I think it’s fiction! lol. It’s good, go read it.


Hey check out this random thing I found: UVA Young Writers Workshop. It has an interactive Experimental Writing Space.. something to go play around with.


Do you have a writer’s blog to pimp or recommend? Let me know in comments and Ill add here.


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  2. …a bad person can write a good book; because they are a better person when they are writing it.  Sometimes who they’d hoped to be.  In fact, I’d bet a lot of good books have been written because bad people were trying to put the good peices together.

    Otherwise, of course, I agree with everything Alice Walker has ever said :}

    This is a very cool push.

  3. as yet joined in on this “creative” effort — I really think it’s quite cool.  

    I simply have a very limited amount of time on the computer and I try to deal with the “issues” confronting us right now.  By no means do I intend that to be a “slight” of any sort, because I like this effort — I really do — a kinda’ outlet if you will — and what comes out of is all too cool, as well.  

    We are all, multi-faceted in our make-up — TG for that!

    Thank you for all these efforts of yours, LL, sincerely!

  4. and now Im listening to clinton at NN09…

  5. attempt at fiction.  That is not my genre, but I wrote it essentially as an allegory.

    I appreciate your kind support.  Many of the entries in this series are very, very good.

    Thanks for sponsoring it.

    Warmest regards,


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