What the hell happened to ThinkProgress.org?

I used to go to Thinkprogress.org at least once a day.  They were a fantastic source of news you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Since Obama has been elected, however, they’ve become, frankly, pathetic.

Almost every single story over there now is about Republicans.  

It’s almost like they didn’t notice that Republicans are out of power now.  

Hello, guys, those fools lost the election.  They are no longer in power.  They like to make a lot of noise to DISTRACT YOU.

Why is a place as smart as thinkprogress taking that bait?

Here is a list of the stories there right now:

Right Wing Concocts False Claim That Obama Is Steering Stimulus Money To Areas That Backed Him

Right winger’s argument against a right to health care: ‘Should food be a basic human right?’

Aspiring philosopher Palin quotes ‘Plato.’

Jeb Bush: ‘I don’t know’ if Obama is a socialist.

Palin’s key reason for resigning was inflated.

King’s New Rationale For Voting Against Slave Labor Resolution: It Wasn’t ‘A Balanced Depiction Of History’

Steele dismisses Palin as ‘old school’: ‘That’s not the generation of candidates I’m trying to groom.’ (Updated)

All of this is completely irrelevant.  NOBODY CARES about any of this bullshit.   Not even the Repubs believe their own bullshit except for the TRUE idiots like Michelle Bachman.  

How about some stories like this one:

AIG seeks clearance to give $235 million in bonuses.

Or about how Obama’s new Vietnam is killing American servicemen every damn day.

How about some real news?

I think it’s sad.  And disturbing.  

It’s disturbing for two reasons:

1.  The Republican freak show is a deliberate distraction.  The con job is upon us, and it’s very sophisticated.  The con job put Obama in the White House, with all of us tricked into thinking that we’d made some real progress.  Obama’s actions since being inaugurated prove otherwise — he’s just the same old same old, a PR guy for the true Powers That Be who really run the country.  In other words, the same old Powers That Be have taken over the Democratic Party (almost completely) and the Republicans now (who are very good employees) are assigned to the role of “asshole nutjobs”, deliberately distracting attention and representing an artificial version of the “right wing”.  

This plays into the con, because as long as the professional actors with (R)’s after their names are acting like a bunch of whackos, everybody can sit back and think “wow I’m so glad THOSE idiots aren’t in power!” while in the meantime we continue to be robbed blind, our country is ramping up an entire new war in a country where General Petraus admits there are no more Al Queda, and Americans are dying every day AGAIN, and the military spending hits record heights of sheer lunacy and depravity.

So to see a formerly smart site like ThinkProgress fall into that trap means that either they’re not that smart anymore, or else they’re in such a habit of going after Republicans they haven’t noticed what’s really going on, OR

2.  They might be part of the con.  You know, like NPR has become since the former head of the CIA-backed Voice of America took them over.

Either way, it really sucks.  

Not that there aren’t other places to go on the internet to find out what’s really going on, but the real truth is being pushed more and more into what other people consider “conspiracy theory” types of sites, that it’s just getting damn difficult to find any more good sources of information.

Which is, again, part of the con.  


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    • Inky99 on July 10, 2009 at 6:56 am
  1. because of what I know and how I think.  It’s like a Kurt Vonnegut novel and everything we thot we knew is false.  But I can’t convince others because of the propaganda, they appear to have born with the type of brains that are receptive to propaganda.  I think less than 20% of all humans are capable of seeing thru the propaganda.  Left brain, right brain kind of stuff.  

  2. I would get flamed for this at GOS, but we’re at dd now, so I can say it:

    Whatever made anybody think that Obama was a liberal?  More liberal than GWB, absolutely.  Perhaps the best politician we could hope for, given the current political environment.  But liberal?


    I think some of our sites are in deep denial about O — and let’s face it, he’s very likeable, very charismatic.  People want to cut him some slack…but no president is going to give up the expanded powers that the Cheneyesque cabal granted unless we yell louder.  And when/if we do, our friends in the center-left are going to yell that we are not supporting our own Democrats.  That we have to have party unity, to speak with one voice.

    Don’t ask me how this plays out…I am simultaneously amused & afraid by the predilection — on both sides — for an authoritarian government.

    • Edger on July 10, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    of what’s going on at lots and lots of blogs all over the place. I have good friends who do exactly the same things. It’s like people have some idea that they will be less “respectable’ and considered “far left” fringe if they criticize the hings that Obama is doing rather than find some way to excuse them, and often with the most twisted and convoluted logic I’ve seen outside the wingnut sites.

    A lot of denial if they do acknowledge what he’s doing, but also a lot of just plain refusal to even read or discuss it. For example – take quick scan of the comments I got on this post…

  3. Think Progress is part of the Center for American Progress, a think tank set up by old Clintonites. Is it any wonder that they love the vacuous center and suckle from the corporate tit? Criticize the Big O? Get tough with papa Gold Sox? Are you kidding?

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