Late Night Karaoke

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    • Inky99 on July 31, 2009 at 09:51

    That’s one of my favorite songs ever, and I didn’t even know anyone had made a video of it, and now I wish I hadn’t ever seen it.   “Night Moves” that is.

    Wow, just some lame country fucktard music video director, every stupid fucking cliche in the book.

    Why the hell would anyone from Nashville do that video?    That should have been done by a real director.  

  1. One of the greatest songs of youth.

    “Working on a mystery without any clues”.

    I just met two French ladies that will be back here on Sat.

    They stopped on the street while I was on my nightly walk with my parrot on my shoulder.

    Noticing their accent I began talking French with them.

    They wanted to take pictures, & when I asked if they were vacationing here, one said, no but I`m here visiting my mother, pointing to the other.

    The charmer that I am, I said I didn`t like to be lied to, that there was no way this was a mom & daughter team.

    I  remember what night moves meant.

    As an aside, the guy meets a lady in a bar in her late fifties but a very sophisticated looking beauty.

    They decide to have a drink together at a table rather than at the bar.

    She eventually brings up the subject of a threesome, specifically a mother daughter threesome.

    The guy is looking at how great she looks & thinks this is a dream come true. They go back to her place, & she yells up the stairs & says “Mom, we have company”.

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