Wars of Choice – Multiple Tours – TBI – PTSD – Suicides – Murders

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Multiple Bombings Slowly Destroy US Soldier’s Brain – He Commits Suicide

CNN has a heartbreaking report of a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was subjected to multiple bombings………

Iraq, Afghanistan vet saluted in burial

Retired Army Reserve Lt. Col. Raymond Trejo Rivas, 53, of New Braunfels was buried six days after his death outside Brooke Army Medical Center’s emergency room, and nearly three years after a mortar blast in Iraq………

And yet another as well, happening last year but still hanging over a community and the country.

Soldiers’ emotional battle scars put doctors in dilemma

The suicide of an Iraq war veteran in Eastern Washington has highlighted an ethical dilemma confronting the Department of Veterans Affairs and the military: how far to go in protecting patient confidentiality as troubled veterans are called back to front-line duty.


His biggest worry, according to notes taken by the VA psychiatrist, was a looming call back to active duty by the Washington National Guard. The order would have sent the specialist back to Iraq.


In early March 2008, Juneman hanged himself in his Pullman apartment. His body was discovered some 20 days later, The Spokesman-Review newspaper reported………

Many reports have surfaced over the last few years about the many problems many of those serving, once again in Wars/Occupations or Choice. But these reports don’t cover how deep the problems really are nor the numbers that are being sent back into these theaters.

Without the ability to search them out or having someone living in the region, as most are local not national, reporting or posting on this technology, most of the rest of the country wouldn’t know they happened, and continue to happen. Just like when we returned from ‘Nam, the only way those were reported were the very few that made National News, usually connected to a crime, no cable back then nor these personal computers, or through the Military/Veterans grape vine of communication. One of the reasons Combat PTSD, that’s been around since War or Battles between man existed, were easily ignored by the masses, who many within suffer same from negative traumatic life experiences.

Some even come out and argue that soldiers are faking, even still in this the 21st century with much advanced technology and studies, coming from the aftereffects of ‘Nam, that can weed out anyone trying to. Why do they try and debunk, easy, the Country doesn’t want to pay for the results of cheering on their Wars of Choice!

We’ve had many reports of soldiers diagnosed with PTSD and mild TBI being sent back into theater for another tour, many on medication! We’ve had the growing number of reports of the suicides of those suffering from TBI and PTSD, known and diagnosed! We’ve had reports of soldiers committing murders, many times senseless and not in the character of these soldiers prior to in country duty, who have returned from one or more tours! We’ve had the reports of soldiers trying to seek help and the benefits after a diagnoses being told ‘no way’ that it was a preexisting condition! We have many reports of soldiers finding the help needed and learning how to live a more comfortable and productive life after what they’ve lived through and many helping others. We don’t get much in reports on the people who live in the occupied countries where few have a way of escaping the death and destruction even with the numbers of refugee’s number in the millions!

This is why this Country needs to place the Results of War right up next to ‘War as a Last Resort!’, before we choose to follow failed policies of Wars of Choice, or if we follow those failed policies Pony Up The Cost Of The Results Of These Wars of Choice!!


  1. Long Overdue!!

    Sen. Franken’s Service Dog for Vets Bill Passes Senate

  2. won’t get off their assess and demand that these deployments end until they get a BILL in their mailboxes for the tab, and their little darlings are being drafted.  Military families are SICK of paying the price and bearing the burden alone.

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