Valley Forge Village

This comes from Nadia McCaffery who’s son Patrick was killed in Iraq. Her campaign to Honor her son, and all that serve:

Patrick McCaffrey Foundation

Sgt Patrick Ryan McCaffrey

May 26 1970 * June 22 2004

In Central Minnesota, there is a 244 acre facility with a history of providing healing and training to those in need. For ten years, it has been waiting for a new vision. Valley Forge Village is a vision of a place of peace and beauty for Veterans to heal. Either alone or with their families, they can allow the spirit of nature to soothe and heal, while learning new training skills in a rapidly changing workplace. We desperately need funding to keep this vision alive. Please visit us at Valley Forge Center for more information and/or to make a donation.  


  1. The NPR Diane Rehm Show 7.09.09

    A reporter embeds with a Virginia National Guard unit as it heads to Iraq. He offers an inside account of the challenges citizen-soldiers face preparing for war, facing combat and returning to civilian life. Guests Christian Davenport, reporter for the “Washington Post.”

    You can listen with this link in Windows Media Player

    Christian Davenport: “As You Were”

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