Prosecute Bush/Cheney diary series. I need help

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I would like to start an ongoing series of diaries that provides new information on the crimes of the Bush/Cheney administration and the need to investigate and prosecute those crimes, but I can not do it alone, and I need someone’s help.

If you have an active account at the Great Orange Boogeyman, that is even better

Investigate and Prosecute Bush/Cheney


    Now that Torture News Roundup has been discontinued for the time being I would like to carry on the hard work of Meteor Blades, Valtin and Patriots Daily News Clearinghouse.

    This will be an ongoing series of diaries detailing the evidence of criminal behavior engaged in by the Bush/Cheney Administration as well as the need to fully investigate and prosecute the Bush/Cheney Administration. I would like to find two or three other diarists who want to contribute to this series on a rotation so that we can keep others informed on a daily basis. If you wish to contribute please e-mail me at [email protected]

Recently the series Daily Torture News Roundup at Daily Kos was discontinued. I would like to carry on this fight, but I do not want to dairy the subject seven days a week.

If I can find 3 – 6 diarists who will rotate this series with me and crosspost here at Docudharma and on the Daily Kos. We can keep the issue in the news, and this will keep the issue on the forefront of priorities instead of just moving forward and pretending it is not there.

   Suggestions for a name of this series are appreciated, or any other help you can provide. Any questions or suggestions are appreciated, and may be asked in the comments below.

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  1. anything is appreciated, and those who wish to be involved in this series can say so in the comments below.

    karma is a boomerang


    • Edger on July 9, 2009 at 18:35

    I’m going to be too busy for the foreseeable future beyond what I already do to join in on this with you, but you are welcome to also crosspost it on Antemedius as well if you like… and perhap you can also invite Something The Dog Said to help with it and/or integrate his weekly torture action letters into it with you, which he also posts here every week as well as at Antemedius?

  2. great idea. why didnt I think of that? ha ha ha

    Ill write you an email a little later. Meanwhile, you might scan back through the six essays I did in my series… here’s number Six of that.

    Ill think more about this while I clean house!!

    • Inky99 on July 9, 2009 at 20:15

    when you can look forward?

    Don’t you just hate that?

    The REASON we need to look back is BECAUSE we’re looking forward.   Forward to a time when you can either get away with pure corruption, murder, torture, and war crimes …

    Or a time when you can’t.

    That’s the whole point of it.   The “forward” part.

  3. They broke a hell of a lot of laws. I’ll have to think about working on this, as I have three series going right now (torture letters, first amendment Friday’s and Dark Soul) which means I have very few days to write on current topics.

    The other issue is I want the prosecuted on Torture. It is the big Kahuna since it is so heinous and not just a crime under our laws but a war crime as well.

    Anyway let me think on it and I will get back to you.  

  4. pull them together, like the DK GReenRoots folks did (Patriot Daily and MB etc)

  5. I just don’t know if my interpersonal relationship–and writing– skills are up to the challenge.

    If there is anything I can do to help let me know (including putting essays up over there).

    And thank you for keeping this issue on the flame.  

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