New Diary From My Brain

Writing this diary sucks.  I hate it.  I can copy and paste the horrible news we get everyday but you read it so i’ll spare you.

I spent almost a decade screaming at the top of my lungs about days like these that have come with the subtlety of a brick through a fucking Starbucks window. I was told to shut up, put in jail, even banned from “progressive” blog sites for even suggesting both parties we’re taking massive pay from special interests and we can’t expect them to bite the hand that feeds.  No luck on getting through to people to wake them up to the reality.

Here it is, the overcharging for endless war and export of all our manufacturing jobs and we now implode while Goldman Sachs gets blood from our last vein to move on to another nation-state with representatives that will suck dick for asswipe money and allow them to manipulate their markets to profit and move the roadshow to the next town.  

The stateless multi-national is a wandering vampire of economies.  

Where is our Van Helsing when we need them?

Working 9-5 at some dead-end job because the ones with money have more power than the ones with brains.

No longer do we think in terms of “Democrat and Republican” but we see our survival as citizens depends on figuring out “grass eaters or meat eaters”.

Who is taking pay for helping industry and who is on the payroll to propose legislation that repeals regulatory restrictions on financial industries so they can blow bubbles and walk-out with your grand-kids college money?  

One nation, under debt, even after paying their dues.


So what are you gonna do about it?


You’re one person reading a diary on a blog.

Sure you can write a diary outlining the reasons for all out class war at this point but then when you even bring that up you get the arguments over peace vs. violence and everyone clicks the x in their browser feeling satisfied they said their piece while doing neither act discussed.  

“Good slaves, ‘talk’ don’t ‘do'” says the the CFO taking your tax money from the bay window that allows him to look over the city he bought.  State senators, local politicians, some House Members, and hell, maybe even a U.S. Senator or two. They need the peanuts he tosses to them so they can keep their job as a full-time politician and run for re-election while he sends a lobbyist to their office to persuade the elected official that the public LOVES the free-market with no restrictions.  Now with a large donation to the PBA he can kill every hooker that he can’t get his dick up for from doing so much coke and not see a day in jail.  The next day he can get over the tragedy of last night by hopping into his Ferrari to get a Massage Parlor handjob to start off the work week.  He is now a god.

Yes, life is good for them and when the bottom falls out it’s the little people who will suffer blaming everybody but the actual people responsible.  That’s how it was made to be.  

One Pharaoh, A million slaves.

Their wealth is an affront to our dignity but still we slave away to pay the bill, purchase the freedom, and go about our miserable existence without question or demanding things be provided for us by our government.  They’re too busy with socialism for the rich to worry about Universal Healthcare for the petty masses.  they’ll vote for the guy with the best marketing campaign to sell their lies so it stands to reason the interest of the check issuer is above the interests of masses that will vote for the guy promising not to beat them too badly into submission.

Get a job, pay your taxes, stand in line.

It’s the American way.


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