Open Letter to Progressives: Act Crazy Liberal! (Video)

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I stumbled upon this video last night. Please watch and then discuss.

It is time to YELL LOUDER and MORE Effectively.

   I do not want to see the victory of the election where the Conservatives were roundly defeated thrown away by a political class that is corrupt and doesn’t care or the fools who would call for more pragmatism and patience.

   I say the time is now, and if not, when will that time ever come?

    I say we need to push the Overton window away from the Corporate Partisan Media and the fiscal policies that rob Americans blind.

   I say we should YELL OUR FRIGGIN HEADS OFF if We The People don’t get what we want.

   I say we need to push the center to the left and have better messaging and framing of the issues than the Karl Rove’s and Frank Luntz’s of the world.

   And I say that we will never get what we want from our society and our Government if we don’t demand it Loudly and Clearly.

   We need to build a strong movement to the left in this country in order to return to the rule of law and the ability for men and women to pursue happiness, life and liberty without being denied these right by a Corporation or other contrary interest.

   Now is not the time for moderation or pragmatism. The powder has been dry to long. We should press the status quo now while we can.

   Please, discuss your ideas for how to push Progressive causes below, or just sound off on whatever issue or subject you prefer.



  1. What do you want from your society and Government?

    And what do you think it is going to take to get it?

    You only get what you put in.

    Karma is a Boomerang

  2. now, discuss

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