Lethal Warriors

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Not a good report, but with the stress levels of multiple tours and possibly in two theaters, longer tours for much of the time our soldiers have been in both theaters, stress of conflict, family, experiences and much more, this does not surprise! Nor will it when it doesn’t get the coverage it should among our talking heads and politicians, let alone a country that has pretty much forgotten both occupations.

Army: Soldiers in slayings faced intense combat

Soldiers from a Colorado unit accused in nearly a dozen slayings since returning home – including a couple gunned down as they put up a garage sale sign – could be showing hostility fueled by intense combat in Iraq, where the troops suffered heavy losses and told of witnessing war crimes, the military said Wednesday.

In what was billed as its most comprehensive study to date of violent crimes and combat exposure, the Army looked at soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division – nicknamed the Lethal Warriors – who were accused in a spate of five killings around Colorado Springs, home to Fort Carson, in 2007 and 2008.

Six other slayings involving unit soldiers occurred in Colorado and other states since 2005

We’ve been hearing about a number of incidents, that is by ‘we’ those who use multiple mostly online sources and either accidentally find them or use the right search words. The MSM is virtually silent except when one or two who get it are brave enough to fight to get the reports aired!!

Army investigators compared the Fort Carson unit of about 3,700 soldiers with a similarly sized unit and found it suffered more combat deaths in Iraq and was deployed there longer.

“This deployment experienced higher levels of combat intensity,” the report said, adding that the soldiers also faced “significant disruptions in family-social support.”

Lt. Gen. Eric B. Schoomaker, the Army’s surgeon general, said Wednesday the unit’s crime cluster appeared to be unique among Army bases and that its combat exposure and length of deployments are just two factor officials are looking at.

“We’re starting to look into the deployments and … how it’s related with attitudes and behavior,” Schoomaker said…….Rest Here

Soldiers returning need not only more down time, between deployments, they should be serving one if any at all. They need time between deployments! They need the help they seek! They need to be understood when seeking that help!

The Military, and Veterans Administration, need the money, something always short of from this country as it finds nothing wrong with extremely bloated defense budgets, for the care of those who serve, not for outdated or not needed Military Procurements of Ordinance, Weapons or Systems to deliver same!!

And we Need to end both these conflicts soon, Real Soon!!!!


  1.  Neglect, mistreatment and abuse are the norm for active-duty soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have thrown post-traumatic stress disorder into stark public light. As of the end of March, 346,393 US veterans were being treated for PTSD, and that number continues to grow rapidly.

       However, PTSD symptoms don’t always wait to emerge until soldiers return home. For active-duty soldiers like Airman Steven Flowers, stationed in Aviano, Italy, it can take years to receive even minimal care. And once treatment begins, the soldiers are often punished for revealing their problems……..Rest Here

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