What we need isn’t what we got…

After taking a short hiatus, because, I admit I’m fed up, I peered back in to find this:

Having learned from the failures of the others, I immediately announced that dKos was a progressive community, and that conservatives would be on a short leash. There was a lot of crying about “free speech” and whatnot, but I made clear that cons had plenty of places to go online – Free Republic, Lucianne, etc – and liberals didn’t, and that Daily Kos would be a safe haven for progressives. I aggressively cleaned out the conservative troublemakers, and what do you know, liberals liked their little safe haven.

Talk about cutting down a forest and not realizing what a tree was…

The Democratic Party has serious problems.  Democratic politicians are cowards.  They are the proverbial rookie poker player who sits down thinking they will have all the cards, but, in the end, continually leave the table broke.  And Markos thought that the solution is simply getting more Democratic politicians elected?  Sorry, but anyone who paid attention knew that plan was destined for failure.  But, go beyond a failed strategy of “more is better”, and look to the core problem.  

If those newly-minted Independent voters, aka ex-Republican’s, were welcome at Daily Kos, then where were they going to be welcomed?  Am I going to bash Markos?  Yes, but, more to make a point then to simply bash Daily Kos.  It’s about having a strategy that is coherent.  You can’t say in one breath “we are here to get more Democratic politicians elected” while stating the next breath “those who might help do that aren’t welcome here because we want our own little echo chamber”.  

The simple fact is that Democrats have no clue how to fight a fight to win it.  They stake out a position and peer around the corner waiting for the blast to come, poised to run at the first hint of opposition.  Hell, most just sit silent in fear that someone might say something bad about them.  These last few are the kids during a schoolyard fight who can’t decide which side to run to, lest, they end up on the losing side.

America didn’t need a new Democratic website — what it needed was politicians who actually put America first.  America didn’t need the grassroots to “crash the gates”, then, drive off anyone who was willing to help in that fight — it needed fighters period.  We’ve seen what unchecked power in Republican hands brings, and, it wasn’t pretty.  We are seeing what giving total power to the Democratic Party means — nothing.  Absolutely.  F@cking.  NOTHING.

If a President, and a political Party, had a mandate to work, it was the 2008 election.  What have we seen but walk-backs, broken promises, and a Party that has no clue what power means, or, how to use it.  And, frankly, if Markos thinks that his little echo chamber is changing anything he is sadly mistaken.

Sure, there are Democratic politicians who post at Daily Kos so they can keep their “grassroot creds”.  But, the proof is in the pudding, not in a diary that is little more then a press release.  

The Republican Party went ape-shit over who President Clinton let sleep in the Lincoln Room at the White House.  The Democrats can’t even get the balls to stand up it is shoved in their face that a Republican President lied about EVERYTHING.  To Congress.  To the American people.  Broke laws.  Tortured people.  You name it.

People on “the Left” have been giddy over the GOP circular firing squads.  But, they simply do not “get it”.  The GOP WILL toss their garbage out, without a moments hesitation, if need be, and, that is AFTER they make a public spectacle of supporting that person.  It is all about the politics to them and the public be damned.  They can hire people to do that damage control.  Given the same situation, the Democratic politicians sit with their thumbs up their collective asses, looking at each other with deer-in-the-headlight looks.

America spoke up in 2008.  The Democrats have failed to listen.  President Obama has failed to listen.  And, people like Markos who care more about having a “respectable site” then actually doing what it takes to make their own vision a reality only puts the stamp on that failure.

And, no, don’t tout how the Democratic Party took all three in 2008; the White House, the Senate, and the House.  That was America talking, not anyone on “the Left”.  The Republican’s screwed it up and America said, “ok Democrat’s, your turn”.  That was a direct result of many moderate conservatives abandoning the GOP for what they hoped was a sane voice.  A return to the rule of the law.  For adults to fix what the children broke.

I haven’t seen Markos doing as many television appearances since the election.  I haven’t seen him touting the Democratic majority.  In fact, the few times he was on, he was blasting the Democrat’s HE helped get into office.  Mission accomplished, Markos.  You asked for it, you got it.  The Democratic Party got control and have no clue what to do with it.  Markos` little echo chamber means shit right now in the fight to right the wrongs while his few, the proud, the troll hunters, running off anyone and everyone who helped his Party get that power they have no clue how to use.

I spoke to my state Senator about fighting.  He wasn’t interested.  I spoke to the Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party.  SHE wasn’t interested.  Neither of them had any interest in taking the fight to the GOP in South Carolina despite the fact that the state has suffered under Republican rule for decades.  Hell, even during this Mark Sanford debacle, it is the REPUBLICAN’s in the state leading the charge for his ouster while most of the Democrat’s sit back silently.

Cowards or Crooks.  Who do you vote for in 2010?

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