A Republican Crybaby Culture of Racism and Filth

Breaking news of the latest right-winger incited to commit acts of violence in support of the most virulent political party since the Nazis. A Kansas abortion doctor was gunned down in cold blood today in a Wichita, Kansas church, just another example of how these religious fanatics that dare to call themselves Christians would make Jesus puke were he return to earth tomorrow – then the same bastards would crucify his liberal ass. Here we have yet another example of the sort of mayhem that unstable, armed-to-the teeth freaks are capable of when their buttons are pushed by the malignant filth the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the house propagandists for the American fascist state. Nothing is sacred to these miscreants, murdering their whole families and then committing suicide is commonplace, the same houses of worship that they claim to be places of sanctity are now legitimate shooting galleries, shit some lunatic right-winger not long ago dressed up as Santa Claus and massacred a houseful of former relatives including children. A terminally diseased political philosophy breeds this type of scum and they should all be subject to euthanasia for the good of society. If you consider that to be overly harsh just imagine how many of these human time bombs that you in your normal daily doings encounter, they hate liberals, gays, minorities and even going to the grocery store becomes a dangerous endeavor when surrounded by them.

The ongoing fomenting of animosity, racism, sedition and the dehumanization that has become an institution since the rise of the post WW II fascist movement is reaching a level of dangerous proportions – and the drumbeat of hatred goes on. Which brings me to the Republican slime machine’s filthy attack on Obama SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayer, the spectacle a pack of racist swine playing the reverse race card in order to derail her confirmation is beyond the pale. Even more despicable is the way that the corporate media play right into it, giving credibility to the cowardly rhetoric of reverse discrimination that has been bandied about by the red-assed right. Perhaps the worst aspect of what appears to be a long and drawn out melodrama by the titans of truth who brought us all the O.J. Simpson circus, Michael Jackson’s ongoing saga over a flurry of allegations of pedophilia, Natalee Holloway, Jon Benet and the amazing adventures of Laci and the fetus is that a career reprobate like Newton LeRoy Gingrich is given one ounce of credibility. Gingrich is a fiend, a serial adulterer, a liar, a cheat, a pathological degenerate with the psychological makeup of a pederast and a charlatan whose Herculean ego is the embodiment of short man syndrome.

Newt barks, Media Salivate. The proclivity of Gingrich to rebuild his political career from the ashes of embarrassment and failure in a Nixonian fashion has been spayed across cable television ‘news’ and the rapidly collapsing under the weight of their own bullshit newspaper industry is an affront to the intelligence of America. Whoops, better strike that last comment, considering that we live in a burgeoning idiocracy were trash TV is king and the lepers bathe in the electronic stream of foulness as though they were lepers swimming in the waters of Lourdes I certainly don’t mean to give the average American moron too much credit. To qualify that, it is an affront to the senses of those of us with finely tuned bullshit detectors in our brains, more than a semblance of decency and humanity and a reality based view of history that outlasts the meteoric rise and fall of the beautiful and talented beacon of inspiration that is Susan Boyle.

Gingrich calls Sotomayer a “Latina woman racist”. What the fuck? Can’t we just flush down this rotten turd once and for all? What a horse’s ass! Might I remind people that this philandering little fascist dwarf was engaged in some serious adulterous fornication himself while he waged an ugly public jihad against Bubba Clinton for getting his stogie smoked. By the way, while Gingrich the fat, oversexed swine with the bad ‘do was bringing the full power of the snake infested Republican Congress down on our horny hillbilly prez, Osama bin Laden, the Cheney cabal, the Wall Street plunderers and the rest of the real threats to American safety were using the prurient salivating to plot their coming attacks.

Knowing the laws, I would never call for the assassination of a public figure but were I to be a Republican that has no such qualms about these things I would love to see that phony hairpiece that adorns Gingrich’s pathologically horny, conniving, demon-infested dome nailed to a fencepost someplace – feed the body to the pigs, who the fuck really cares as long as he is gone. He can usually be located in a FOX ‘News” studio – a target rich environment for anyone who may be sincere about cleaning up America and downsizing the fascist quotient. If I were to win Powerball this weekend there would certainly be less worthy things to use the money for than posting a bounty on that little douchebag, normally you can just call the Orkin man when the rats are massing but eliminating a world class, anti-American swine with a soapbox as dangerous as this would take some serious coin. Then again, once his hatemongering racism in spreading vindictive virulence to derail the Sotomayer nomination along with the growing backlash against Republican fomenting of violence in their ranks against the ‘brown menace’ it would probably take less than a hundred bucks and a bottle of good tequila to provide encouragement for some real victim if institutionalized racism Republican style to give this fat little prick a Columbian necktie in the name of justice.

This swine should be hung from his fucking balls…..no the pudgeball little twat should be fucking ignored, the media hacks who afford this foul little cocksucker time should be the ones who are hung. Oh and did I forget to mention that his get his rocks off by jerking off over the ongoing wars while he and the rest of his Republican chickenhawks never had the fucking nuts to serve in the military? Shit, Dick Cheney, the man who is openly cheering for another ‘terrorist’ attack on Obama’s watch and tens of thousands of dead Americans just to prove a fucking point about the grotesque torture state that he was the embodiment for took five goddamned draft deferments!

Why the fuck don’t the human time bombs for once target the true perpetrators of their fucked up lives? The stinking sacks of snake shit who are responsible for rigging the game so that their jobs can be sent overseas? Or their houses are in foreclosure? Or their health is in terminal decline due to the massive systemic corruption of the medical industrial complex? Or why gas is going back towards four bucks a gallon now that the Wall Street speculators have been given a new lease on life on the taxpayer dole?

If there is anything that disgusts me more than the Republican vermin who run this gone to dogshit system it is the moronic, angry white males who think with their dicks (if at all) and don’t have a motherfucking clue as to why they are angry. They are debauched, disgraced, degenerate, diseased, dicked-in-the-ass, demented, dumb, devoid of decency, borderline retarded, credulous, easily manipulated, stupid, stinky,wretched, pathetic, malignantly worthless, chronically moronic, mean-spirited, godless, guileless, slothful, treacherous, violent, putrid, rancid, stinking, filthy, syphilitic, short sighted, entitled, indolent, arrogant, perverse, four-flushing, cheapjack, dog kissing, spineless, dickless, malodorous, cowardly, chickenshit, retrograde, knuckle-dragging pieces of jaundiced, scabies ridden, scaly-skinned, protoplasmic slime that have for too long oozed into every crevice of this society, sucking out it’s life and vitality as the shit eating parasites that they are and always will be as long as they allow high rolling drug addicted perverts like Limbaugh and the rest of the neo Nazi Republican party do their thinking for them.


And I hate them, oh sweet fucking Jesus to I hate them. The fires of my hatred burns internally like white phosphorous munitions dropped upon brown skinned civilians out of the sky by our [snicker] ‘heroes. They are human excrement (and I use the term human very loosely) who are no good to themselves or to anybody else as they flail about outwardly as blind beasts in agony at the wretched and abysmal failures of their pathetic and botched little lives.

Simpering losers, saplings for trees of tyranny that find fertile rooting material in the mass failures of the dead enders on the extreme right. And there are always the demagogues, the servants of the oligarchy who so successfully sow the seeds of discontent so as to divide and conquer, dominate and rape not with force, but through the willing acquiescence of the dregs of society. They allow themselves to be defiled, to be showered with the come of those who only hold them in the most seething of contempt, the most curious forms of bemusement. They don’t get it that their heroes like the $50 million child-fucking, dope addicted vat of shit flavored jello that is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and his fellow country clubbers laugh and snicker at them as the white niggers that they fully understand them to be.

And for fuck’s sake, just how long until the next human time bomb goes off as their fears and desperation are exploited by the type of scum that should be hanged from their mangy necks until dead like Julius Streicher was at Nuremburg.

An Entrenched Culture of Crying:

But the very existence of the brazenly anti-American Republican party wouldn’t be possible without the support of the mouth-breathing, perpetually-pissed off, Jesus juicin’, knuckle-dragging retrograde morons that are the party base. These are the real dregs of society who are wired to salivate on command to demagogues, it was from this percentage of the population (an authoritarian element that exists in nearly every society) that ensured that Adolf Hitler would rise to power (see Bob Altemeyer’s study The Authoritarians), it is plain for all to see that despite the punditry that is speaking of the political demise of the GOP that the true fascists like Cheney, Rove, Gingrich and the rest of the treasonous scum is only seeking to radicalize and purify the dead enders, molding them into an effective and violent brownshirt force for when the time is ripe.

The fucking grievances are endless, they are played upon, exploited and the caterwauling nonsense of the culture of victims that the extreme right is made out of (FUCKING LOSERS) is like nails on a goddamned chalkboard but the pitch is right up there with the dog whistles that these moronic fuckers are conditioned to salivate over.

WAAAAA: The Queers are getting married! The evil homosexual agenda is destroying the nuclear family. This one is a real hoot given the proclivity of all of the latent little boy buggerers to burrow deeply into the Republican party (not to mention the Catholic church of course). The vicious and sustained campaign to deny the rights of marriage to a group of American citizens using the law as a bludgeon is insidious and has no place in a so-called free country. Why is it that the Republicans always want to snoop into the private bedrooms of  people to play peekaboo at wee wees and pee pees? This is the nature of the repressive slavery of institutionalized religion (Evangelical Christianity in my opinion should be outlawed and their fucking churches taxed out of existence, if they can’t pay then just tear em down and build something useful like marijuana plantations in their palaces) and another prime example of how the abuse of the ‘GOD said it’ scam enables the persecution, dehumanization and murder of others. Were I a believer in Hell I have no doubt that it would be full of Republican ‘Christians’. Also the justification against the jihad against gays seems to me to be an outwardly expressed version of self loathing. Hell, there are plenty of gay Republicans, just get over it, do what is natural, cast aside your religious hokum and leave everybody else the fuck alone. Of course the ongoing demonizing of gay people is a boon to fascist Republicans, it is as consistent with their Hitler 101 playbooks as any of the rest of their disgusting horseshit.

WAAAAA: Obama’s a socialist, a godless Muslim, he wasn’t born in America, even Bo, his Portuguese water dog is un American, just pick your poison. “I work damned hard and don’t want to give my tax money to lazy minorities who just want to live off of the government dole”. It’s amazing at how some pea brained moron who works at Walmart (provided he still has a job at all) will so vociferously defend the right of the rich to bilk the poor through the massive redistribution of wealth, elimination of the progressive income tax system and the endless font of corporate welfare that flows through Washington. Think tankers and right wing money moguls are going back to the future to the glory days of McCarthyist red baiting. The positive aspect of this though is that there is actually a return of sorts to a discussion of the merits of democratic socialism versus predatory capitalism. Of course the Obama administration with the bestowment of trillions to the grifters of Wall Street and the hedge fund hyenas will only ensure that any sort of socialism will be heavily slanted towards the rich, the corporations and those who have hijacked the political system to protect their ability to remain the fuckers and keep the other 99 percent of the populations in their proper places as fuckees. But try to tell this to one of the imbeciles at one of those fucking tea parties. It just doesn’t register to the simian minded poltroons that they are out there essentially defending the rights of King George and the redcoats, that puts it in a bit of historical perspective.

WAAAAA: “They’re killing the babies, life begins at conception, Roe V. Wade is a an atrocity, it’s all the fault of the liberals, they don’t respect the culture of life.” And on and on it goes on the reigning champion for one issue voters which the GOP has grabbed by the tits and milked for years however in an interesting contradiction the so called pro lifers compassion extends neither to eliminating the death penalty or in showing any sort of outrage over civilian collateral damage in Iraq and the absence of any outcry over the recent revelations regarding the use of chemical white phosphorous on civilians is sorely missing from the public discourse. The hypocritical bitches and bastards don’t give one tin shit about the sanctity of life, once the kid is out of the womb it’s on it’s own to be fed upon by predatory capitalists with a better chance at becoming either permanent sources of income for the for profit prison system or in being sent off to be chopped into hamburger in another of the fucking imperialist wars that this criminal government is addicted to. This is bullshit, total bullshit and is more of the same misogynist domination games and double standards that the lumpen Republican are acclimated to sitting up on command for. Once again, Jesus would fucking puke over the ongoing use of Christianity to continually underwrite the warfare state and the oppression that sustains it.

WAAAAAA! On Gun Control: “The liberals are coming to take my guns away!” The NRA has milked this baby to death and otherwise sane progressive people who have nothing whatsoever in common with any other part of the right wing agenda will turn out in droves on election day to preserve their second amendment right to stockpile military style assault weapons and cop killer body armor piercing bullets. This is an essential lure to a fringe element exactly the same as gay marriage or abortion, another phantom issue. And do any of these wanna be Rambos who are arming themselves to the teeth to fight against the government when that damned Obama comes to pry my penis extension (with the 50 round magazine) from my cold dead hands ever bother to contemplate that their arsenals are fucking popguns when the state has tanks, bombs and a king hell surveillance system? More idiots. I am on record myself of course for arming yourselves to the teeth but I am far less afraid of the government than I am of the violent yahoos in the militias who I need to defend myself against.

WAAAAAA! On Taxes and Big Government: “The government is too big, I don’t want to pay taxes”. The war against ‘big government’ and taxes in general is a masterful dissemination of pro elitist propaganda in which the very people who benefit from progressive taxation are the lower and middle classes and who through their support of Grover Norquist style ‘starve the beast’ tax cutting are slowly committing mass suicide through the evisceration of the public school system, medicare, medicaid, social security and other essential ‘entitlement’ programs so that the wealthy can have their tax cuts and increasingly become the freeloaders that the indignant but proud ‘working man’ so despises. Then again, committing suicide is what lemmings usually do and always in mass. If you idiotic pig fuckers don’t like what the government does with your tax money don’t bother to call your local fucking fire department when you light your mattress on fire and you discover that lighting farts in bed is no more of a joke than your idiotic crusades in favor of the richest 1 % and the corporations who use and abuse your mental shortcomings so that they may forever be unburdened by paying their fair share to keep the fucking system running.

The litany of whining is far too long to list in depth, but it includes so many references to the removal of religion from the public realm and the perceived persecution of fundamentalists that additional decalogues on which they could be inscripted would reach higher than the Tower of Babel if stacked on top of each other. The piss babies of the right are as full of contradictions and hypocrisy as they are of bullshit. I could keep on writing but sadly I have only so much time for blogging and do have a real job unlike so many of the conservative activist blogger losers who live at home in daddy and mommy’s spare room, garage apartment or basement and wage electronic war against the very rigged game and backlash cultural environment that landed them there.

Cry me a river you big babies! Rush and Newt can buy a yacht and party all the way downriver in high style, floating downstream with booze and cooze on the current of your collective tears.



  1. and they are whining ever louder to compensate for the declining numbers who buy their bullshit.


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