I Was Wrong

I’m too fucking depressed to write anything more than this right now, but I couldn’t leave it any longer; fact is, since about half an hour after I posted my last comment in the discussion of the last essay I left here, I knew I was wrong — and after today’s disgusting revelation, it’s been cemented.

So, I just had to post SOMETHING here by way of a mea culpa. If anyone cares to discover just HOW fucking awful I’ve been feeling about all this, you have only to peruse my assorted commentary at My Left Wing to see for yourself.

So. There it is.



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  1. who may have felt insulted and/or offended by my last ludicrous few lines in that last essay. They were truly unconscionable. I have no excuse.

  2. fully fleshed out essay about this horrendous turn of events, but I feel as if the life blood has been sucked out of me, I really do. I know I HAVE to write a righteous RANT about this, I do — and I will — but I feel like a fucking sack of SHIT, I can’t bring the words to life right now, I’m so fucking depressed.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  3. this is truely goin to drive a wedge in the progressive movement and will tear the dems apart……

  4. … as far as I’m concerned.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Love and hugs to you.

  5. Whether I agree with you or not I respect your passion and being true to your ideals.

  6. a short memory is a blessing?  Honestly, I have no recollection of what you might be apologizing about. 😉

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