What Part of De-populated Nature Preserve do you not Understand?

KBDI a Denver Colorado PBS station is taking lot’s of flack over truth telling.


The station it seems ran a piece about Arron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism plus other “conspiracy” theorists.  Arron however is only one of the more prominent activists in the growing 188 million memmber New World Order watchers.  His/this piece is only tip of the deception iceberg.



Fantastic warm spring day trailride with all three very frisky Apocalyptic horses trotting neck and neck over barely unfrozen ground.  Grampy giving a two year old complete enjoyment doing simple but very cool things like running up and down melting snowpiles at the end of the driveway.  Later a first cookout on the deck with family.

Since summer is coming the plan is to pull back from this artificial world of cyberspace to devote much more time to full survivalist issues.  I already have all of the information I need and Obama’s actions daily only confirm and reconfirm there is NO FUTURE.  There is no people’s resistance movement to join.  There are only sheeple pointing to Austrailia and saying we should invade Iran next.  

Outside of the galactic cognitive dissonance of people thinking the biggest problem humanity faces is oceans rising because we burn stuff Alex Jones in Endgame puts forth the far more plausible statement an age old cabal of elite assholes wants to de-populate most of the world population just so said elite assholes, sexually aroused by little boys can stay at the top of the food chain.

Lasthorseman, Knight of the Fifth Veil says enjoy your remaining days.

10-4, Over and Out.

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  1. parts 1-12 is now up on you tube.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.  Cherish the people you love and always trust your inner voice.

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