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Time to make the thread.


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  1. go read

  2. since its Monday.


  3. so I’m interested in what happens today with district 20.

    With momentum shifting to Democrat Scott Murphy in today’s special election in upstate New York, House Republican leaders are pre-empting any blame that might come their way should Republican Jim Tedisco lose.

    In a Tuesday morning news conference, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the outcome of the election shouldn’t be seen as a referendum on the GOP leadership in Congress.

    “It’s between those two candidates in New York,” Boehner explained to reporters. “I hope Jim Tedisco wins.”

    You know what that means, right? In republi-speak it means:

    “I don’t think Tedisco is going to win and we don’t want to look stupid AGAIN in another election”

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