The House that George Built

via dagblog h/t Youffraita


  1. And we watched it happen, tried to speak out, tried to alert people, tried to warn, called congress, emailed out till friends turned us to spam, crying, went to rallies, made signs…

    And to what end…???

    Will it simply continue in the whitewash of a Truth Commission Non-Investigation…???

    In the house that george built???

    Must we live with this end???

    This did not have to be.

  2. This video is just too good…hope it gets more attention.

  3. & it’s about 20 seconds shorter.  I haven’t compared them b/c it was too warm in here (& yes, I did try to clean out my desktop computer, but aside from a bit of dust, there wasn’t really that much to clean…I really think my hard drive is going)…anyway, here’s the newer, slightly shorter version:

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