Am I for it or against it?

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Good afternoon Mrs. Hornbeck, I’m Eric from the Pro-Life campaign.

Are you for abortion or against it?

Umm… I’m pro-choice.

Thank you very much have a great day.


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  1. This is why I should stop answering my phone.

    Or maybe why I should answer it, I can’t quite decide.

  2. back story: my friend, Barb, died on Monday,. The Death Notice went up and their Guestbook, online, local paper, yesterday. I promptly signed the GuestBook, and I chose to display my email addy (for various reasons)… well, thinking some old friends might want to contact me. wahtever.

    Now… the family, whoever wrote the obit, it was beautiful. But no overt religion one way or another.

    Later that day (yesterday?!?!) I get this email:

    To the family and friends of

    Barbara X., I give my

    sincerest condolences.

    It’s hard to lose someone

    that we love but it’s always

    good to know that we have a

    God that cares for us when

    we’re going through

    difficult moments like

    these. Something that can

    help you to cope with this

    pain is the resurrection

    hope that God promises us in

    the Bible. You see, it’s

    with this hope that we are

    guaranteed the opportunity

    of seeing our loved ones

    again alive here on earth.

    So if this hope is new to

    you or you would like to

    learn where to find it in

    your Bible, please contact

    me and I will be more than

    happy to share that with


    With Christian Love


    It took a lot of restraint for to NOT reply, but I didnt.

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