Free Energy Since 1150?

The concept of perpetual energy appears to be an age old idea.  The “laws” of physics state that such things are just impossible, the pipe dreams of people who don’t understand and or can’t measure the claims properly.

Nature itself is full of energy.  It makes the world spin, the lightening strike and brings the tide in and out.  Is it real of is it pipe dreams.…

It has been proposed in recent parlance that some concepts of this perpetual motion concept in it’s modern incarnation involve the actual “stealing” of energy from “higher dimensions”.  Now one might not want to piss off those occupants residing in these “higher dimensions” as they may be technologically superior to us, and most able to kick our robber baron asses.

Still there are advances in technology on many fronts more grounded in solid acceptable science that will not be persued.  Why?  Because centralized power production and it’s rationing is the accepted norm.  You as a mere peasant simply can not and will not be allowed the ability to produce your own electrical power, period.  Dependence upon authority is the prime Star Trek directive.  Yup, Seig Heil, Illuminati salute to all the anal retentive powers that be assholes.

Persue though if you will some of those I have found.……

Links to the MIT cold fusion research scientist Eugene Mallove are now redirecting me to obscure bullshit sites.  Eugene was taken out by establishment assholes.  Trust me I have seen amazing things and ideas on the internet which may or may not have been true yet did have that value of expanding the mind by exploring diverse possibilities.  I have been doing the mainstream and alternative science search for about ten years now and it is my solid opinion that the assholes that be are in fact shutting the doors in a rapidly increasing fashion.

See if this works with your particular (assholian) internet service provider.


Or this…

Back to the “hattery”…

Scalar waves and communication devices.

The greatest man of the century Nicola Tesla was in fact the Father of the alternating current which powers all of the devices that enable the modern lifestyle we enjoy today.  Funding for his projects however was done by this asshole going by the name of J.P. Morgan who as one of those early parasitically oriented Satanically evil ego-centric sociopathic personalities scoffed at Tesla’s desire to create free energy for all of mankind and insisted on putting his energy meter by which he could charge people for “his” invention.

You may smite these assholes anytime Lord, I’ll go tack up the horse.

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