The continuing adventures of Chlorosilane

My husband and I do a lot of online gaming. We like to pick silly or witty names for the characters: Mysthang Foshizzlyo, Freudian Slap, stuff like that. I have an Anarchy Online agent named Valerie Plame and a Guild Wars dervish named Meclazine Skelaxin. (Anyone in the medical profession will get the joke.)

One day last summer I came home in a really, really bad mood. I’d found a little yellow book in my merry volkswanderung in the big blue room. I won’t say where, and I won’t say what the title of the book is. That book had a little piece of paper stuck between some particular pages, and I really didn’t like what those particular pages had to say.

In my excessively extra-special super-pissed-off 100% USDA-grade beserkergang very bad day rage, I decided to go through the entire book and select the name of the most virulent, reactive, dangerous chemical I could find in it for my new Anarchy Online nanotechnician. I did not have to go very far from the bookmark. Thus was born my own little toxic avenger, Chlorosilane. Even her clothing is carefully selected to make it abundantly clear that this is how Nature says, “DO NOT TOUCH.”

Chlorosilane is not a woman you want to be pissing off. She deals the most frightening array of damage of any of my Anarchy Online characters. Radioactive, chemical, melee, fire, and ice. If you’re lucky, she’ll whack you with things like “Shower of Sludge”, “Acidic Projection”, “Circle of Winter” and “Isotope Deluge”. And if you’re stupid enough to try and get in close, there’s the sword.

When I get really, really pissed off about what the cluetards of the military/industrial complex are doing to our Mother Earth, Chlorosilane rides again. It keeps me out of jail and allows me to vent in the direction of the very people who should be paying attention.

See, nowadays if you are dealing with virulent chemicals there are supposedly going to be Big Eyeballs Upon You(tm) because you might be a Terrorist(tm). However, if you’re a cluetard military/industrial complex corporation it’s perfectly fine to leave tons of the crap laying around to get into the groundwater if you can get the poor suckers who actually have to live with the mess you left to pay for cleaning it up out of desperation. This “do as we say, not as we do” bullshit needs to stop, and I have found that one of the best ways to do it is to carefully select a manner of bringing it up, so to speak, that will go all the way to the bottom of the government’s pachinko game and let them know that WE ARE WATCHING THEM, TOO.

So anybody who is looking for the mention of certain virulent chemicals on t3h 1nt4rdn3tz is going to come up with my goofy little nanotechnician character for Anarchy Online who (only) wreaks a bloody, burnt, toxic chemical vengeance upon any offending electrons in her path. If that pisses them off, TOO BAD! There are certainly WORSE manifestations of that particular substance and others like it in the world, and if those military/industrial complex bastards REALLY gave a shit they’d be CLEANING THEM UP!

Anyway, to digress into some happier news on the subject:

I was very pleased to read this evening that Senator Schumer is coming on board with an attempt to get the Navy to clean up the Grumman site in Calverton, Long Island. This is only one of several heavily polluted sites that the Navy and Grumman left behind and tried to stick the respective counties of Nassau and Suffolk with the bills for cleaning them up. Grumman’s site in Bethpage also has issues and nobody seems to want to foot the bill for it.

We need more effort extended by state and local government to ride herd on DoD and corporate pollution. It’s not enough to stop bad energy policies or institute new ones. There are decades old environmental messes that need cleaning up, too.

I don’t want to hear that it’s on private land and not our business, because the toxicity spreads into EVERYONE’S land, EVERYONE’s water, EVERYONE’s future, and EVERYONE’s business. Terrorists? Oh please. With corporate irresponsibility like this, who NEEDS the terrorists?

Today’s Little Green Goddess Earth Mother happy pagan rant has been brought to you by Chlorosilane, the toxic avenger of Anarchy Online, bringin’ it right back on home to the NSA through their own damn 1nt4rt00bz.

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