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In “An open letter to MoveOn”, Dennis put into words something that has been bothering me about the peace activist movement for a long time now. I commented here, voicing my own frustration and rage at these continued requests for my time and money. I’ve been extremely active in this movement since 2004, and I’ve already invested a great deal of time and money (I have rather a lot of one and very little of the other), with nothing to show for those peaceful efforts.

Iraq and Afghanistan wars rage on. Billion dollar bailouts of corrupt corporations continue. After a mealymouthed “Quest for the Holy Grail of Truth(tm)” charade conducted by the Judiciary, Rove and Miers have agreed to a private bellylaugh session. No accountability at all for Rove, Rice, Cheney and Bush – war criminals who have shredded our Constitution, made a mockery of our laws, and murdered millions for a lie.

Today was the coup de grace, the frosting on the cake. I get this from United for Peace and Justice, the first activist group I ever joined:

They need $5000 to make sure the story of their activism gets into the press.

Think about that for a minute.

They need to buy some coverage. As if it was an advertisement. But it’s not an advertisement – it’s SUPPOSED to be the NEWS.

They need to bribe someone in the media to do their job and report the fact that we exist and are angry.

We exist in numbers like this.

And this.

And we need to pay off the press or we don’t get heard.

Got all that? We need to pay UFPJ’s fucking media bribe in order to have our concerns heard and taken seriously.


“Did you say you want some more, well here’s some more!” /* Zappa

UFPJ’s web pages are hosted by an ISP/CLEC called Infohighway Communications. Donations to that organization go, in part, to pay those hosting fees.

Infohighway was my last place of employment. At the time, in 2006, Infohighway controlled the telecommunications and internet access for approximately 800 buildings in Manhattan alone. They also had points of presence in Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, DC, and were rolling out a new POP in Boston.

They control this access from the building level. When you move into an office or apartment as a tenant, they are who you get for telecommunications and internet access. You have no choice. They control the horizontal. They control the vertical. They own it all right down to the bare wire.

And if you think they’re not in bed with the NSA or if you have any privacy at all when you use those conduits to communicate, you’d better think again.

And UFPJ is one of Infohighway’s loyal customers – but they aren’t paying for those services. YOU are. YOU are helping to fund that corporation with your donations to UFPJ.



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  2. I was reminded by a conversation with an online gamer in Romania this morning – a young lad who was born after the Berlin Wall fell and therefore has never directly known how his country suffered – that I had a front row seat for that bloodless uprising as the sysadmin for HQ USAFE’s primary intelligence message handling system.

    As the sysadmin, one of my tasks was to go through the misroute queue and reroute messages that looked important. There was a translation service, FBIS, that would send out English translations of Pravda, Izvestia(sp)? and assorted other Eastern Bloc unclassified media broadcasts. These landed in the queue often, and pretty soon the stuff was so eye-popping that I’d get a bit over-involved in reading it. I was getting to watch the Soviet regime collapse from the inside out.

    One of the things that ensured the collapse of the Soviet regime (when it came) was bloodless, was that the people made a point of occupying television stations, radio stations and newspaper offices. They completely took over the state-run media, ensuring that the world would know what was going on and that any actions of the government against the unarmed civilians would be recorded and broadcast to the world.

    I do not remember whether it was what is now Latvia or Estonia, but there was a standoff between Russian tanks and a crowd of people three feet deep who were guarding a particular television and radio broadcast outlet station with their bodies.

    I am truly starting to wonder if that is what it is going to take in this country to take back our first estate.

  3. pioneered by Microshaft became IT industry standards.

  4. now we get to shut up and keep our heads bent…..

    I know what rape feels like……

    it feels like this world…….

  5. Without a Special Prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Holder the Bushies are likely to get away with their crimes and the unnecessaty wars will continue without end.

    Your congressman should should be calling for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor for the Bush appointees that violated Federal Laws, Treaties and the Geneva Convention on Torture.

    Torture is a Federal crime with penalties of 20 years to life and the death penalty if the prisoner dies as a result of torture. It is a very serious crime. They took people off the streets and held them without charges for years.

    Sign the Petition

    Individuals: Sign The Petition To Prosecute those in the Bush Administration that violated Federal Laws.

    Have your organization pass this url to members with a recommendation to sign.

    Groups: Endorse the Joint Letter To Attorney General Holder asking him to appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush, Cheney and appointees who approved TORTURE and violated other Federal Laws  

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