Dow 6000, Part II

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A Stars Hollow Gazette

2/18 Wednesday +3.03 7,555.63
2/19 Thursday -89.68 7,465.95
2/20 Friday -100.28 7,365.67
2/23 Monday -250.89 7,114.78
2/24 Tuesday +236.16 7,350.94
2/25 Wednesday -80.05 7,270.89
2/26 Thursday -88.81 7,182.08
2/27 Friday -119.15 7,062.93
3/2 Monday -299.64 6,763.29

Well folks here it is.

Now unlike some commentators (Jim Cramer) I don’t blame Obama except to this extent- why the fuck is he listening to Tim Geithner and Larry Summers and not Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini?  Or even Jim Baker- yes that one.

Jim Cramer says we have to delay the reforms in Obama’s forward looking budget (the one Krugman likes very much) until Wall Street stablizes.


Fuck Wall Street.  They just want to keep running their leveraged Ponzi schemes.  They whine and whine that there are no sure investments.  Get a fucking job and work for a living losers!

We can’t afford a Carbon Tax?  We can’t NOT afford a Carbon Tax unless you’ve suddenly grown gills Jim.  You think Obama’s a socialist who’s been studying Lenin’s bank seizures?  Let me have a crack at it.

You’d be lucky to be living in a car under a bridge again Jim.  I’d put you to work digging ditches.

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  1. The S&P 500 is 82 cents away from the 700 support level.

    What did I say about all sorts of technical barriers being broken?

    Madam Zelda predicts a dead cat bounce because it’s all good for John McCain.

  2. …to the exclusion of Krugman and Roubini.  But there are a lot of reasons why Geithner and Summers have to be listened to, not least of which is asymmetrical information; neither Krugman nor Roubini have access to anything close to the breadth of confidential information which Geithner and Summers do.  For example, Geithner and Summers have had access to the figures behind the AIG write-down for a significant period of time, while Krugman and Roubini have not.  

  3. If you have ever had (4.00 / 1)

    the opportunity to view the stars of the universe from a rural non light polluted location that vast wonder might amaze you.  My shaman side is conflicting with my engineer side once again bring up the subject of the recent focus of technology being how best to shove the maximum amounts of propaganda into digitally encoded serial bandwidth (ie)

    when they want you to have an opionion they will give it to you.  Oh and hey all you carbon footprinters could you perhaps deal with walking a few feet to get to a phone instead of powering up thousands of repeater towers because those frequencies that nuke the nutrients out of your 30 second meal don’t transmit much further than line of sight so your God given right to ask “Can you hear me now” might be a tad frivolous.

    And it is the additional testimony of the Lasthorseman, Knight of the Fifth Veil and rider of the Apocalyptic horse that psychic impressions from pictures of Rahm Emanuel do in fact place his spirit on equal evil footing with John Yoo, Leo Strauss and Alberto Gonzales.  Really don’t shoot the messenger but step up the discernment level to defcon five.

  4. Copy of this cartoon going around one of the 9/11 truth lists I’m on…

    • kj on March 3, 2009 at 14:58

    in one reading.  will have to come back.


  5. to think you can stabilize the banks/wall street using the failed theories that caused it to crash. There seems to be no money they cooked it up it happens everytime when robber barons are allowed to run free. The models themselves were cooked up. Why cant they reapply the methods that both Teddy Roosevelt and FDR used, trust busting and regulation as in Glass-Seagal. Why not nationalize the banks while they are sorting out the mess. Kill off the zombies, and restructure the banking system so that it’s function is not just playing with funny money.    

    Wall street and the banks should be separated. The whole system is ass backward. Investment requires something to invest in other then fake profits and debt. If the banks were nationalized then perhaps they could  invest in businesses that made stuff here, giving people jobs. Obscene profit should not be the sole motivator. If the markets are contracting why keep using growth as the criteria for measuring investment? There is no money it just seems insane to give them money to replace money that never existed.        


  6. and there will be some damn well-groomed rice fields out in the central valley.

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