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New Year’s Traditions

Tradition!  Every region in the U.S.–indeed, every country around the world–has its own New Year’s traditions.  Here is a look at the ones I grew up with; I hope that all of you will share yours, too.

I’m at least half Pennsylvania Dutch, and the “lucky” food–the one you must eat for luck during the entire new year–is pork and sauerkraut:

Pony Party is an open thread.  Please do not rec the party.

Hey, buhdy, thanks!  I didn’t expect my little pony party to make it to the grown-up side of the page!  What’s your New Year’s tradition, btw?  

Happy New Year? It Lies Within Each Of Us

Hat tip to Alexa at NION:

You already know the news.

If I could make you laugh, or ease your mind, I would – and I’d feel better, too.

I’m not giving up. I hope you won’t, either.

The power of peace lies within each of us.

–Willy Whitefeather

Hope, by Willy Whitefeather

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