Happy New Year? It Lies Within Each Of Us

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Hat tip to Alexa at NION:

You already know the news.

If I could make you laugh, or ease your mind, I would – and I’d feel better, too.

I’m not giving up. I hope you won’t, either.

The power of peace lies within each of us.

–Willy Whitefeather

Hope, by Willy Whitefeather


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    • Edger on January 1, 2009 at 00:22

    –Ken Kesey

  1. I want to build another one of these.


    It will be a real hit with the Grandson!

  2. … by Alexa.  Says it all, imo.

    Have a very happy and healthy New Year, Edger.  I’m sorry it took your getting sick for me to realize how important you are in my world, but hopefully my learning curve in html will make up for that!


  3. here’s to a year of fruitful seed planting!!!!!!!!!

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