What if McCain wins?

Just wondering. It’s a remote possibility at this point but it’s still a possibility. Given the concerted effort to suppress the vote in so many districts and states, it becomes more possible. That YPM scam of registering some voters as Republicans and un-enrolling others has been going on for quite a while now. And in quite a few states. Add in a healthy vote count due to hacked voting machines. Set up a lot of police roadblocks on Nov 4th in minority areas, a la FL 2000. It still seems totally impossible for McCain to win. But what if?

He’s showing signs of Alzheimer’s (6 out of 10 so far). Melanoma once is bad, twice is very bad. Three times, it’s a miracle to survive. Four times??? So we get President Palin, the very first PILF. And her husband Todd of teh AIP. Heh. Actually, the two of them might make us yearn for the good old Bush/Cheney years. Think about it.

What would this country look like in 2012?

What would the world look like in 2012?

Just askin’.

Vote early. 😉



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    • RUKind on October 21, 2008 at 8:50 am

    If everyone is on the inside will there be an outside?

    Sometimes the razor wire is invisible until the light shines on it just right. RUKind, over and out.


    • Edger on October 21, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    would keep her in check, and impeach her if she gets too crazy.


  1. on Pennsylvania for further shenanigans. CNN is reporting that the McCain campaign is all but conceding Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa (with Kerry states, that would put Obama over 270) and putting all his energy in overcoming the 15 point deficit in PA. Sounds suspicious to me.

    Of course, that means he has to also win Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, all states where Obama has a lead.

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