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Muse in the Morning

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Talking Teaching Blues
(Boomer edition)

Run run run

and run some more

I don’t remember

what I’m running for

I work so long

from 8 to 8

then up next dawn

so I won’t be late

Work work work

it’ll be over soon

if only I could

sleep to noon

It’s nice to know

as I wipe my spittle

that all we teachers

just work so little

Sixty hours a week

so you could grow

For this you hate us?

We need to know.

What did we do

to deserve your slap

work so hard

and get paid crap?

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–April 18, 2006

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More from the teaching/exhaustion vein.

Good morning.  Be excellent to one another.


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  1. Ah. Teachers, nurses, firemen and cops. Well. Everybody loves firemen/women but…. I feel ya. I do. Much that I like my job, the shifts are hard you take a lot of crap from stressed out people and don’t get me started on how nurses are portrayed in the MSM. Then people ask why you didn’t just go to med school like being a nurse is inferior somehow.

  2. The poem is extremely clever.  And if you put on that face for trick-or-treaters, you will give them a delightful scare.  🙂

    Because of budget cuts, I’m responsible for the duties of two full-time positions. Life is a movement from duty to responsibility to too little sleep.  Sometimes, like this morning, I oversleep and stumble in late. When in my whole life was I ever late for work?

    Thanks for being there in the mornings to help me wake up.

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