“Spreading The Wealth”!! That’s How This Country Grew!!!!

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I was born in ’48 and grew up in the time after WWII and the rapid growth of not only a Great Economic Expansion but the Envy of the World to the American Worker and our Products and Services. We had the power and wealth hungry who tried to suppress but we also had intelligent business minds and workers willing to fight that brought about growing wages, safety in the work place, respect for the worker, and so much more, which gave respect and expansion to not only the employer but the companies, The company owners, the executives, the worker, and for those public companies shareholders were all reaping the rewards of that wealth sharing, that’s what built the strong and ever expanding middle class and helped some break out of that and join the upper crust of the wealthy. It was the Only Successful way a true capitalist society that can achieve and expand further. Decent expanding wages for a workers hard work and company dedication gives them the ability to purchase goods and services which in turn gives growth and prosperity to other companies and workers.

This is what this writer is pointing out, as others do

Actually, it has been part of the American economic system since its founding

What is the present day GOP trying to sell everyone with statements like this: “You can spread butter on toast, we can share the love, but we are not going to share the wealth,” said the Republican gubernatorial candidate. And why are so many buying this crap?

The PBS Newshour did a series of reports this past week, 10-20 to 10-24-08, on an important subject that really needs to not just be discussed, we’ve been doing that for years, but needs immediate implementation, meaning it should have started many yesterdays ago, many. In this series, on the first day, Ray Suarez made this statement:

“In the first half of the last century, Americans went on an infrastructure-building spree, and we’ve made good use of the things that were built, but we’ve been reluctant to pay to replace and repair thousands of miles of bridges, tunnels, roads, instead choosing to cross our fingers and rely on the good work of our parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents.”

My highlight but think about what those that came before built for us, I do, as I watch our economy get rid of the businesses that built replacing with lower wage jobs of service, even the growth jobs in the 90’s are now fetching less at start and stagnant wages after.

In waiting for each days report I happened on an interview with one I economist I admire, why because when he spoke he knew what he was talking about and spoke it in terms that most could understand. That was Paul Volcker and he said this in the interview:

“It seems to me what our nation needs is more civil engineers and electrical engineers and fewer financial engineers”

You can find writeup on the interview here at a site I happened on called BloggingStocks, which led me to the Charlie Rose interview with Volcker which I will place the links and interview video below.

But this is the NewsHour series that I think is a must see, and stop talking about, but do not only because it’s past time for the need but because of the jobs it will create and with decent wages will spin off even more jobs and much needed growth. Each of these are covering different infrastructure needs, and after watching this first one I wish they would have covered other subjects but when it comes to infrastructure the list is very long and growing, not just repair but new.

This series was done in conjunction with others and they have a site set up called Blueprint America covering their subject material and added material.

Part 1 Aging Bridges Among Country’s Infrastructure Woes

As the economic crisis continues, a similar crisis looms in the country’s aging infrastructure. In the first of a series of reports, Ray Suarez takes a look at Pennsylvania’s bridge problem and how it may impact future economic recovery efforts.

You can find the transcript here.

I live in the south now and because it isn’t as cold here, and probably also because of the clay soil, they don’t bury their water or drain pipes very deep. Well apparently we’ve long crossed the line of replacing lines, it seems to happen on an almost weekly basis, on bright sun shiny days and warm nights, they have a water main break, some creating huge damage and taking days to repair, most creating traffic tie ups which waste time and fuel.

Over the years all we’ve heard is talk after talk after talk……..about things like Infrastructure, alternet energy sources, better vehicles that get huge amounts of millage per gallon of gasoline {on that one what do we have but vehicles with ever expanding toys that drivers shouldn’t be playing with but still getting single to teen miles per gallon}, there’s a long list of talk, and that’s all we’ve been doing Talking!

Part 2 Increased Decay Strains Budget-strapped New Orleans Port

Even before Hurricane Katrina, the structural flaws of the port of New Orleans, combined with increased shipping volume, strained the infrastructure resource. Ray Suarez examines the port’s struggle to fund improvements and keep up with its competition.

You can find the transcript here

Look around your communities and listen to the reports, I know there are problems that are just being, and have been, patch work projects, Major upgrades and improvements are way past due and patching only creates more wasted time and monies.

Speaking of just talking, in the report above they mention the Panama Canal. I was stationed there prior to Vietnam, from ’68-’70, and they were talking than about needed expansion and or another canal.

Part 3 Population Growth Burdens Roads, Schools and State Programs

Amid explosive population growth, Arizona tackles the traditional problems of urban sprawl as it tries to create a new model for livable communities. Ray Suarez reports on the Valley of the Sun’s transition in the face of growing infrastructure demands.

You can find the transcript here

Part 4 Chicago Airport Faces Serious Growing Pains

Ray Suarez examines Chicago O’Hare Airport’s battle to increase its capacity and problems with the entire air traffic system.

You can find the transcript here

They don’t have the report from friday up on the site yet, not even the transcript, there was a companion report talking to experts that is up but I’ll try and continue this post with another adding in what I was originally going to write for this one. But here’s the Charlie Rose interview with Paul Volcker which according to the site took place on 10/09/2008.

Once again:

“It seems to me what our nation needs is more civil engineers and electrical engineers and fewer financial engineers,” Volcker said.

There’s alot of talk about ‘Communism’, ‘Socialism’, and ‘Marxism’ coming from the Presidential Campaign of one who is married to a very wealthy woman, inherited wealth, and according to reports his choice of a running mate isn’t doing to shabby neither, but still that campaign figured it could use their donated monies to purchase some extremely expensive duds for the lady.

The question is why this talk, apparently to further spin the meanings of those words as their talking heads, the rush, and the off shoots of his and now fox having been trying for years to do, if you read the definitions they point to the rovian, and others, goal, a One Party, weak representation, Single Person Leader, short of dictatorship or dictatorship, U.S. Government!!


Show Spelled Pronunciation [kom-yuh-niz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation


1.  a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

2.  (often initial capital letter) a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

3.  (initial capital letter) the principles and practices of the Communist party.

4.  communalism.


1835-45; < F communisme. See common, -ism

But the most eye-opening of them all came, it would appear, when the Alaska Governor somehow drew a connection between Barack Obama’s tax policy and an encroaching, nightmarish, communist government. Which is exactly what they themselves are trying to achieve, reason for the Double Speak about taxes, not wanting the middle class to receive any cuts and making sure they don’t pay their fair share! And the thing is regular folks are falling right into their propaganda and actually arguing for them, against themselves, again!


Show Spelled Pronunciation [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation


1.  a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

2.  procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.

3.  (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

Compare utopian socialism.


1830-40; social + -ism

To McCain supporters, it’s his way or socialism

Not wanting to make what they deserve from their hard physical and mental work, dedication to well I don’t see much of that, do see workers giving only up to what the employer is willing to give them or not caring much at all, doing just enough to pass till payday.


Show Spelled Pronunciation [mahrk-siz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation


the system of economic and political thought developed by Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, esp. the doctrine that the state throughout history has been a device for the exploitation of the masses by a dominant class, that class struggle has been the main agency of historical change, and that the capitalist system, containing from the first the seeds of its own decay, will inevitably, after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, be superseded by a socialist order and a classless society.

Alot of folks are looking back on what Marx and Engels were sellin and thinking hey they might have had something their, but like the so called ‘conservatives’ have done to the word ‘liberal’, many who denigrate haven’t a clue what it means let alone even know ‘conservative’, have turned that word description into a dirty word, or they’ve tried while destroying ‘conservative’ and ‘republican’.

And what are their wants:


Show Spelled Pronunciation [fash-iz-uhm] Show IPA Pronunciation


1.  (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

2.  (sometimes initial capital letter) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.

3.  (initial capital letter) a fascist movement, esp. the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922-43.


1915-20; < It fascismo, equiv. to fasc(io) bundle, political group (see fasces ) + ismo ism

With a new descriptive word label coming soon from one of their think? tanks!!


    • BobbyK on October 27, 2008 at 03:50

    The WPA and later the Interstate Highway System infrastructure investments made this country BETTER FOR BUSINESS! The Public Education system creating an educated work force makes this country BETTER FOR BUSINESS! Union membership increases wages purchasing power and standard of living, growing the middle class. Union membership makes this country BETTER FOR BUSINESS!

    The American corporatist are so short sighted. They’ll screw everybody including they’re children and grandchildren so they can collect their quarterly windfall.  

    • Mu on October 27, 2008 at 15:16

     . . . his supporters’ cognitive dissonance.

     He lies when he implies that the thousand or so people who are all screaming support for him will be taxed.  What % of those in his wee little crowds make $250,000+???

     And, along the same lines, that these nuts and chuckleheads all get willfully whipped-up into a frenzy as if they are going to see any kind of tax increase (remember – Obama just wants to basically restore the rates to the pre-Bush’01 cuts, that McCain opposed)…  Ignoramuses.




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