Enjoying The Last of My Days

Daughter and I set out for a three hour trail ride on a perfect fall day.  I on my steed and her ponying the one year old philly.  I had stuff I should be doing, stuff I needed to be doing but a few hours with the horses, nature and the farm does so much for my troubled soul these days.

I thought of my career ending date of Sept 30 and pondered if the company knows economic D-day is here and they knowingly offered the incentive of a pension from Enron.  The brilliant thing about all of this designed economic crash is that one year from now as if by magic the salvation will come under the banner of the North American Union.


Also currently 47 million 400 thousand Google hits.


We have also emancipated our family from the spectre of my mother and her soon to be non-existant stock market portfolio.  A significant portion of my upcoming book will be devoted to this issue fully illustrating why my Russian boss says, “This is the second socialist country I have lived in”.  The general plan was for me to take her in once she got to old to fend for herself and my father in their house.  Now the big business Medco Globocorp gets to suck years of that money up.  Bankers and lawyers in this country have long pointed a shotgun at the heads of the elderly and they are going to take all the assets of the parents and the children of the baby boomers (me included).

I thought about the title for the book.  3M6B struck me going along with my theme 300 million 6 billion world or possibly Potemkin Nation was another one, toss up.


Either way I’ll take the word of multiple “conspiracy” sites over 5 seconds of mainstream propaganda as I wait for the arrival of my very own black helicopters.  A horse ride on a perfect day or the smiling face of a two year made all of it worth living.

I don’t think the horse is ready though, to enter the particular location the company picked for the retirement dinner.  Never trained him to do stairs.


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  1. really means that life in high density populations is cheap and does not come with rights, dignity or the persuit of happiness.  It would be the documentary of our entry into the dystopian future world Orwell and others have described.

    • kj on September 22, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    but i love your balance, LHM.  🙂  eye of the storm.

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