2010 scenarios – Which country do you want first?

From our managing editor at THE ENVIRONMENTALIST, four scenarios of what 2010 will look like, depending upon who is elected (starts out a bit tongue in cheek, then gets serious.  First scenario copied here, link here for the rest):

“It is 2010. President McCain has fired the head of the SEC, FEC, FCC, SIPC (note spelling)… and has formed the M.F.I. Commission to study the collapsed economy under Treasury Secretary Phil Gramm, while Saudi Arabia and Dubai (where Dick Cheney is living out his retirement) have matched China, India and Iraq in owning our over thirty-three trillion dollar national debt.

We’re in proxy wars with Russia and in a bomb, bomb, bomb war with Iran.

Out-of-work parents say goodbye to their enlisted sons and daughters.

President McCain adds more cars to the thirteen(?) he currently owns.

Ditto on the houses.

A safe education is available only for the home-schooled or vouchered.

Health care becomes more out of reach to those who can’t afford it.

Drilling is everywhere but Anwr and, yet, oil is over $200 a barrel.

Alternative fuels legislation receives lip-service but little effective support.

There are no salmon.

Tucker Bounds becomes Press Secretary. Doug Holtz-Eakin is the new CEO of Blackberry.

Questions about policies are met with blame and obfuscation.

Sound far-fetched? Perhaps.

But what if it’s not?”

Link to the other three scenarios (one more about McCain, followed by Palin – wait till you read that — and then a stunningly clear presentation of Obama’s policies).


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