Perverts and Sadists.

I’m sorry, the language may get a little rough.

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, the same man who said

… he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for “principled reasons” shouldn’t be forced to do so.

“In Connecticut, it shouldn’t take more than a short ride to get to another hospital.”

today told us that we “should just relax and enjoy it.”

Oh my.

In defense of a man who thinks it’s funny to joke about someone getting raped by an animal

Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?’

In fact, being raped by animals is a pretty endemic theme anong this class of person

At age 10 the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.

You know- a Republican.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think I was going to be talking about ‘man-on-dog’ with a United States senator.

I’m afraid there’s just such an unending record of their sexual depravity that it’s difficult to summarize for a family oriented crowd so I’ll cut right to the chase-

This is the horrible part, you may wish to avert your eyes.

And that is why they are the type of people who can condone this

… pictures and documents from the incident proved that his daughter had been brutalized – raped, beaten, shot and set on fire.

“Someone poured lye in her vagina to destroy evidence,” her father said. “Her body was dumped in a dirty, filthy contractor’s tent.”

Hat Tip Crooks and Liars.


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  1. Scooped.

  2. coming, imo, from the same source: the depravity in wanting control over others. life. the fucking weather.  

    it doesn’t matter the form it takes, whether rape or war, does it?

    • RiaD on August 1, 2008 at 13:46

    i thought i wouldn’t….couldn’t be astounded by any of their depravitys….

    but this…this….

    O geeze…i’m gonna be siick

  3. you know like many on the right part of the reason that he is so comfortable denying basic health care services to women who have been raped is that they still believe that the victim is somehow responsible for her own violation.

    The right hates women and have been very successful at recruiting self haters into their ranks to criticize uppity and independent women. Fuck em, seriously. I can’t stand those creepy women on the right who spend their entire career telling women they shouldn’t have careers, when to have babies and how to smother their sexuality ect ect. I actually dislike them more than the men.

  4. to come from the “other camp” these days. The nation is run by perverts….

    Or as Bat Guano said in “Dr. Strangelove”…Preverts!

    Only now it isn’t funny.

    Thanks for your venting…I read about Ms. Johnson yesterday and it broke my heart. So many of my beautiful, young High School students, joined the military as a way out of the terrible world of poverty and gangs…to end up…where?

  5. as this one from South Dakota, who supported a total ban on abortions, including for rape and incest victims…unless, of course…

  6. …because I’m furious about what happened to Private LaVena Johnson.  I’m furious with the run amok barbarian contractors whose salaries are paid with our tax dollars.

    I’m furious with the Army, the Pentagon and the administration, who have allowed this outrage, and God only knows how many others like it, to go unpunished.

    I’m furious that the Army, the Pentagon and the administration joined the barbarians further abusing Private Johnson by refusing to demand justice for Private Johnson, and punishment for each and every one of her attackers.  And for knowingly and blatantly lying to her family by calling her murder a suicide.  

    I’m furious that our Congress has failed to hold the Monsters responsible for all these horrors to go free to continue committing yet more horrors.

    These monsters make the nazis look like amateurs dabbling in evil.


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