Summer Reading: A Childrens Book for You Adults

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As we wait for the many coming books, I’m sure more will be surfacing, as many try to cleanse their souls, of these last eight years plus, in seeking their higher kingdom, we might have the time to take this seemingly telling descriptive tale into the fold of good reading. We could even make the copies a collective item reminding us, in a comfortable way, of what we’ve been put through, us and the rest of the world. Comfortable because it might not enrage as we read and study the pictures, like the hard reality of the history will.

And I give you the title right off, Intriqued?

I didn’t catch this when it aired, but while a visit to the NPR site, to relisten to another report, I caught this little tidbit in their list.

All Things Considered had it on yesterday, July 8.

The full title is: Goodnight Bush: A Parody.

It’s a riff of the Margaret Wise Brown’s classic children’s book Goodnight Moon and satirizes the Bush administration.

But look closer and you’ll see that the painting over the fireplace shows an oil derrick with stealth bombers flying around it.

In the fireplace, there’s a ballot box burning that says, “Florida 2000.”

And snaking around the side of the fireplace is a tiny microphone.

In place of the bunny rabbit character in the children’s book, a childlike George Bush is tucked safely in bed “surrounded by toys that represent different facets of the Bush administration’s legacy,” Golan says.

A tiny Osama bin Laden peeks out from many of the pages, and a shotgun-toting Dick Cheney whispers, “Hush.”

“The book obviously isn’t for children,” Origen says. “At the same time, it lets us look at the past eight years through the eyes of a child.

And it lets us see how far Bush’s reality is from the reality anyone would want for their children.”

The authors say the book is illustrated with “naked simplicity” to show respect and sensitivity.

You can take a listen in with this link to bring up their player

I just ordered my copy before writing this, I’m Intriqued, it looks like a fun, but serious, look at the state we find our country, and our world standing, today and for the forseeable future, at 59 that future should cover any time I have left, plus!!


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  1. I waited and didn’t want to be first again, but, well, I love this book. Almost as good as Captain Underpants! I don’t teach Reading anymore but I still love the books! I saw this advertised on another website and went right out to buy it! The puppets in the stage in the room and the little Osama mouse crawling on the floor…plus the scales of Justice….all are worth the look! I even bought a copy of Goodnight Moon just to compare!

    However, don’t take my word for it, just run over to a bookstore and preview it for yourself(located in political humor)….then put it on your coffee table…well, I don’t have a coffee table, I’m not elite enough, so I just leave mine on the couch for guests to notice and pick up….well,. I don’t get guests that often, but it is there! Ready for action!

    I think Bush should put this one in his Presidential Library, right next to “The Pet Goat”. It won’t matter, he won’t read either one and the pictures are too complicated.

  2. to get the message across:

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