Dharmathon: A Friend in Need (Final Update – Success!)

UPDATE #3:  I was able to connect with tes tonight and wire him the money.  I didn’t get to speak with him very long but I know he’s feeling a whole lot better tonight.  Thank you everyone!   Final total for the Dharmathon was $1050 but with the PayPal and Western Union fees I ended up sending $950. Which is awesome!

As some of you know, a beloved member of this blog, theevolutionarysieve (tes), is in trouble.   We hadn’t heard from him in a few months and then he showed up here a few days ago.  If you saw this – you know he’s not in a good place.  

Last we knew he was moving to the mountains to escape the city and begin preparing for the collapse of society.   These were his parting words:

On the road again……..

by: theevolutionarysieve

Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 11:39:42 PDT

I want to thank all of you.  You are really wonderful folks.  I will always consider this a place where I am welcome and where folks patiently try to understand my slightly deranged mind.  I have been going through a bit of change recently and have not been here much, and then only in a fragemented way.  My partner and I are in the middle of preparing to leave the bay area.  We are moving up into the sierra’s.  Near Mammoth Lakes.  I have had a some what precarious existence my whole life.  I am in a period of it now.  I will stop in from time to time. When we have landed and I have set up our satelite dish I will be able to be present again.  For the next four or five days I will check in, then I will be traveling to the high country.  Blessings on you all.  Keep me in your hearts.  As you will be in mine.  Believe in the power of networks of cooperation bonds.  Believe in the good heart.  Thanks for being kind to this old crank.

At this point, I don’t know any more of the story than what he has posted here the past few days.  Along the way to moving down there they had car trouble and borrowed and spent the last of their money getting their vehicles fixed.    They have been camping on National Forest land while he’s working to get money for a place to live.  Obnoxious vacationers from LA and SD have invaded their peaceful woods with their campers and ATVs.  The forest rangers have chased tes and his girlfriend off the land at gunpoint.  They were forced to move to a motel.  It sounds like there is no money left to stay there either.  

Precarious existence indeed.  No time to prepare for collapse.  It is happening to him now.      

With this Dharmathon we can raise some cash to help their immediate needs for food & shelter.    I am in the process of finding out where and how to send money to him.  If you want to hold your donation until I get positive confirmation that’s OK.  Otherwise, please give to our PayPal account (click the Yellow Donate button in the right column) and I’ll collect the money.  I can take checks too – send an email to admin@docudharma.com.  

I’ll update as soon as I hear back from him.  Hopefully he’ll be around here too.  

Anything you can give will help.  Poems, pictures, hugs and kind words are good too.  Let’s turn up the vibe for tes.  Make this a pretty place.  

I’ll start with this.  

Help on The Way!

UPDATE:  Holy Moly you dharmaniacs — overnight $900! WoW!  

UPDATE #2: As of 3 PM Pacific — $1025! Thank you thank you! Still no word from him though.


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  1. please

  2. So let’s walk beside him.

    May it be,

    When Darkness falls,

    Our hearts will be true . . .

  3. I think people will respond.

    Might also try posting this at other blogs.

    I hope tes gets back to us. His last post sounded kind of ominous.

    • OPOL on July 8, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Keep us posted OTB.

    • brobin on July 8, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    for some assistance.  Good luck, tes.

  4. with details on where we can find him.

  5. only one little thing… i’m having a problem with pay pal accepting my debit card (which it has accepted twice before). anybody else? grrrrrrrrr!!!

    i’ll go back and try later. one way or another, i’ll get it there!


    • kj on July 8, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    i’m in, too.  thank you, OTB!   🙂

    • H2D on July 8, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    I was down and damned near out at the end of last summer.  2007 started out for me as the greatest year of my life, but by August of that year I was living week-to-week in a scummy SRO room on W. Burnside in a sketchy part of NW Portland, Oregon.

    I’ve long wanted to escape to the mountains myself, so I can definitely understand the sentiment.  So sorry to hear how things have gone lately…


    OTB – I’ve never done anything like this, so not sure how to go about it.  Pretty broke right now, but I can send a bit in 2 weeks if it can help.

    I can take checks too – send an email to the admin address

    That’s the route I’ll go.  But what’s the ‘admin address’?

    Please pardon my cluelessness…


    • geomoo on July 8, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    and it feels good. But . . . I am in great pain with my belief that the time will come soon enough that we will be unable to help all the suffering of everyone we know.  Too many of us will be in similar circumstances.

    It is our privilege and joy to help a soul we know.  It is our duty not to use this act to pretend everyone is getting help.

    We need transformation–change on a fundamental level.

    I feel like I’m stuttering.  Can’t quite say what I want.  This is deeply painful.

    TES, I believe the heart has an infinite capacity for breaking.  I do believe that.  Keep your heart open and your mind strong.

    • Robyn on July 8, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    If I can find some time, maybe a poem will be born later.

    • Alma on July 8, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Sometimes when one is in need, things come together and help is there.

    I know without my mom, daughter and brother, we wouldn’t even have money for food now.

    Let your friends here help.  You have helped and touched so many here.  

    We would love to help the whole world, but maybe that starts by helping one at a time.  🙂

    Peace, love, and a brighter future.

  6. $4.53 a gallon is killing me.

    I will meditate and focus on their needs at this time. May the Universe & it’s creative-restorative power rise up to embrace this wonderful soul.

    Peace ;-)>

  7. Sorry it couldn’t be more.  Too much stuff going on right now.  Hopefully every little bit will help.

    • Alma on July 8, 2008 at 7:29 pm
  8. There was no way to “earmark” it though.  I’m hoping you’ll figure it out.

  9. Hang in there tes.  We love you.

  10. some $$ your way TES… Please don’t let the bastards win!!

    • RiaD on July 9, 2008 at 12:11 am

    happy thoughts winging their way to you

  11. patrons are wondering if I am having a break down…..

    this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen……

    I can express the gratitude that I feel…..

    I do not know what to say…..

  12. when you get your bearings, drop me a call or somethin’.

    I’d love to hear from you.

  13. Not — “when you get your bearings, . . . .!”

  14. to connect with TES and get the $$ to him so quickly!  It

    never ceases to amaze me what wonderful people we have here.

    And a special thank you for pulling it all together.


  15. So happy that you came on line last evening. was so worried about you. love you so much


  16. for organizing and managing this effort.  I’m glad I was able to chip in a little, and I’ll join everyone above in wishing the best for theevolutionarysieve.

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