Misogynistic bastards-Day Two

Yup, that makes it two days in a row. WBZ channel 4 Boston had some discussion just this morning about pink Red Sox hats.


Weather, sports, a local story, a national story and a “human interest” about how to subliminally imbed one of the isms.

Not only lamestream press, ministry of propaganda press.

Boston is after all also known as the people’s republic of Cambridge.

But better Apocalypse news can be had in trotting over to www.johntitor.com

John was an internet conspiracy theorists’ blast from the past.  John claims to have been a time traveller from the year 2036.  He came back here to get an IBM 5100 for some unrevealed purpose.  Even if I half believe 20% of what John said there are some interesting points.

There is an American revolution which eventually leads to a nuclear war.

Since the US has zero bicycle tire manufacturing plants there are none to be had.  Wow, don’t that sound ominous.  His father traveled around locally in Florida converting electrical systems to 12 volts.  Sound like fun?

Many people realize by 2008 that the world they thought they lived in ain’t.

And guess what, they caved on FISA, let the data mining machines roll.


  1. has to be declared an enemy site.

    The link I did pass on here was arrived at through another anti-Illuminati site.  Low and behold though in rechecking the parent site an ugly ad for RBN appears.

    Ahh,,,how the party lines blur these days,,,almost like they were both agents of globo-corp.

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