“Why is Chelsea so ugly?”

So, letmegetthisstraight, Geraldine…

Ferraro, who clashed with the Obama campaign about whether she made a racially offensive remark, said she might not either. “I think Obama was terribly sexist,” she said.

So, in a two party system, where being a Democrat, but not voting for the Democratic candidate for President means, tacitly, supporting the Republican nominee, you are NOT going to vote for the “terribly sexist” Barack Obama and instead throw in your ever-principled lot with arch-feminist John McCain who has scored the very impressive zero on NARAL America’s Congressional Record on Choice for the last eight years running, who also has a big old goose-egg on Planned Parenthoods reproductive scorecard, who has fought hard to garner an at-least-its-consistent nada-nunca-nil on the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association scorecard for women’s issues, who has blood-sweat-and-tears’d his way to a 23% (as compared to Senator Obama’s 100% on RESULTS scorecard on poverty.

This is zero from the National Farmers Union John McCain and Zero from the National Council of La Raza John McCain and zero from National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors John McCain and zero from Council for a Livable World John McCain and zero from the American Academy of Family Physicians John McCain.

This is the John MCCain who has promised to go out of his way to help the anti-penised by appointing anti-choice justices to the Supreme Court, who now, suddenly, out of nowhere, supports a “repeal” of Roe vs. Wade, who compassionately responded “excellent question” to the supporter who asked, in reference to your candidate, “How do we beat the, bitch?”; who sensitively called his own wife a I’m sure-its-just-an-anatomical-reference cunt in front of a group of reporters in 1992.

Oh, and by the way… “Why is Chelsea so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father”… for the record, that’s also the HILARIOUS, SIDE-SPLITTING John Sidney McCain.

No, no, I get it now.


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  1. but it needs to be said to Geraldine:

    ai, yi yi, yi yi.

  2. The Quest For Logic in American Politics

  3. A true compassionate hero and a warm human being…Oh, I forgot about his delightful sense of humor!

    (excuse me while I go barf)

  4. McCain is the most hostile toward Women’s Rights of any candidate. And, he’s made his share of sexist remarks. He called his wife a “cunt” and laughed at the “beat the bitch” remark. uggh…

    To work against our Democratic nominee because he  supposedly said something sexist (thus work for McCain) is insane.

  5. heard from passionate Hil supporters.

    Imh-h-h-h-o, instead of using the blunt instrument to hit them over the head with why McCain is so bad, I think it might help if the Obama campaign came up with some specific stances or proposals that would appeal to these folks, specificially around the issue of gender equality.

    Booing the mention of Hillary’s name at an Obama rally, and slamming the Clinton years might also be a good step in the right direction.

    Obama needs every vote he can get, and now that the party is pivoting into general election mode it’s a good time to discuss how to get Hillary folks involved in helping to beat McCain. Again – asking nicely might help 😉

  6. I’m really have a Rodney King moment ~

    Can we all just get along?????

  7. My bet is Geraldine is floating this crossover to test just how much support Hillary would retain if she decided to run as McCain’s VP.

    It’s the only logical explanation I can see for Ferarro’s otherwise super-goofy statement (which Hillary certainly knew about in advance).


    But hey, I always love Geraldine essays, because it gives me an excuse to post this:

  8. those two women who went on O’Reilly to threaten that they will organize Clinton supporters to support McCain because the primary was so sexist.  


    But, your points about McCain are so much stronger than what I was thinking when watching the clips of those two fools.

    One note of serious Hillary support for Obama post decision to end this: that she would give a speech calling McCain out on his sexism and for his attack on Chelsea.  One thing that the Clintons got much (deserved) credit for from ‘moderate’ opponents/Republicans was their protection of and nurturing of Chelsea.  McCain will lose some points as more people associates him with that quote.  If Clinton wants to help Obama she calls McCain out on this.

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