The Maddow Movement: Help Edit the Petition!

Last Friday night, Rachel Maddow guest hosted for KO on Countdown. Not only did she do a great job….she won the time slot in the key 25-54 year old demographic! The one that advertisers value most. You can watch the whole show on Youtube (click on the vid to take you to the Youtube page) and below is the Dkos diary with the numbers. For such a bare diary, it spent a very long time on the reclist, showing Rachel’s popularity by yet another metric.

Home Run for Rachel Maddow, by Tod

Below the fold: We have found an online petition site, now all we have to do is write the petition! Below is a draft for you to give input on. Once we have the petition set and in place…the next step is to start publishing the link to it wherever we can. That will be the official kick off of the Maddow Movment, Yeehaw! Suggestions are more than welcome!

The draft:


We the undersigned hereby petition you to waste no time in giving your up and coming political commentator, Rachel Maddow, her own show on your network.

We wish to take this opportunity to point out the many and varied advantages to both you and the public, whom you serve as responsible members of the Fourth Estate. These advantages range from the personal to the political, to the financial interests of your fine network!

We hope you will consider this small sample of the reasons and advantages of promoting Ms. Maddow to a one hour show with her own time slot.

Admiration for Maddow’s fresh and fearless approach, sparkling intellect, quick wit, and refreshing honesty.

Her unquestionable appeal to key demographics. Including the 25-54 demo, which as guest host for the incredibly popular Mr Olbermann (as you undoubtedly know) she recently won, beating O’Reilly by 100,000 viewers.

Representation. At this time you have an all male line up. Ms. Maddow would not only serve to represent all women on your network, but also represent the LGBT community, a demographic with massive purchasing power for your advertisers products.

Our concern for the overall state of the media in the rapidly approaching post Fox News, post Bush era. As the incredibly popular Mr. Olbermann consistently points out, the influence of Fox News brand of “journalism” as represented by O’Reilly and Hannity is corrosive to true journalism. It has tainted your entire industry. Adding Ms. Maddow to your lineup cannot help but restore credibility and professionalism to your entire industry.

And finally politics and culture.

As you well know the nation is fed up with the Conservative and Republican way of doing things and is ready for change. 80% of people polled say we are on the wrong track. For the last ten years the track we have been following has been the Conservative track. George Bush and Fox News have succeeded in setting the national media conversation and framing. Now a change is occurring. News consumers are fed up with the with the Conservative spin that has dominated the news. Since your network has rejected this and started broadcasting the incredibly popular Keith Olbermann to provide a counterpoint, you have no doubt noticed his success….and the increased viewership and profitably of your network!

We petition you to continue this trend by promoting Rachel Maddow to her own show.

As the nation changes, so must the media…and you can lead that change by promoting Rachel Maddow and putting the second objective, Progressive voice on the air in her own time slot with her own (increased) editorial control. Thus providing our nation with more real, balanced coverage of the news…and, due to Rachel’s unique and insightful voice and her many fans and admirers, practically guaranteeing a ratings winner!

To state the obvious, each of the signatories to this petition represents a viewing household.  

What do you think? what should we change, cut, or improve?

Yell your suggestions louder in the comments!


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  2. Adding Ms. Maddow to your lineup is cannot help but restore credibility and proffesioalim to your entire industry.

    delete ‘is’  spell checked ‘professionalism’

    Do we want to suggest not running Tweety at 5pm and 7pm?

    Wouldn’t one of those spots be perfect for Rachael????

    Other than that, I love it!!  When and where can I sign???

  3. Dear MSNBC,

    Given your past hiring coups such as Ann Coulter, John Gibson, Michael Savage, Don Imus, and Tucker Carlson, why not let viewers choose a new host for one of your shows?  We can’t be any worse at it than you are, right?

    We petition you to give Rachel Maddow a chance!  Surely you can free up a slot by cutting the prison shows from 13 hours a day down to 12.

  4. Did you see Maddow on The Today Show with Ferraro this morning? She was reasoned and sane in a very difficult situation. Unfortunately, she hardly got a chance to get a word in edgewise. If you’ve got 7 minutes, here’s the clip.

    This discussion was very disturbing to me in many ways. I might need to write about it when I can sort some of it out. But it made me an even bigger fan of Rachel’s.

  5. In the race against competing networks, how can a cable news outlet distinguish itself by appealing to the netroots savvy key demographic of 25-54 year old media consumers?

    Two words: Rachel Maddow.

    …Or something similar. I know, it’s cheesy but it may get someone’s attention.

    • nocatz on May 20, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    capitalize the lying fucker’s ‘R’,    and either add ‘and’ and eliminte the comma, or add another name, or at least ‘et al.

    as represented by O’reilly, Hannity is corrosive

  6. 24/7 all Maddow all the time. No commercials for prescription drugs.

    Your proposals are too modest attainable.  I think we have to make a big demand and then negotiate threaten until we get what we want.  But what do I know?  Look at all the crap that’s on now.  Are any of the powers that be listening to me?  Or us?  Hah.

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