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The Maddow Movement: Help Edit the Petition!

Last Friday night, Rachel Maddow guest hosted for KO on Countdown. Not only did she do a great job….she won the time slot in the key 25-54 year old demographic! The one that advertisers value most. You can watch the whole show on Youtube (click on the vid to take you to the Youtube page) and below is the Dkos diary with the numbers. For such a bare diary, it spent a very long time on the reclist, showing Rachel’s popularity by yet another metric.

Home Run for Rachel Maddow, by Tod

Below the fold: We have found an online petition site, now all we have to do is write the petition! Below is a draft for you to give input on. Once we have the petition set and in place…the next step is to start publishing the link to it wherever we can. That will be the official kick off of the Maddow Movment, Yeehaw! Suggestions are more than welcome!

Free The Press! McCain’s “Grace Period”

Dis grace ful

Washington Post’s Balz: Media will scrutinize McCain ‘once the general election really begins.’

Wash. Post’s Murray: ‘Just wait’ until after the primaries for media to scrutinize McCain.

Russert: ‘In Time,’ McCain Will ‘Receive The Same Scrutiny’ From The Media As Obama And Clinton

RUSSERT: We get flooded with e-mails, Senator McCain making a mistake on Shia versus Sunni, making mistake about the first Persian Gulf War and the second vis-a-vis oil. His own relationship with Pastor Hagee and why isn’t that talked about and reported on the way Reverend Wright’s relationship with Senator Obama is talked about. But all that in time. I mean, it is only May. This has been going on for some time but it will be a long, long campaign. And when Senator McCain is back in the media’s light, he’ll receive the same scrutiny.