Pony Party: Do you believe in miracles?

I should mention that I don’t believe in miracles, except that I have two to report.

First and foremost, I think both of my pups will be okay. Considering they were at death’s doorstep a mere two weeks ago, and that I had been convinced no less than four times that we were going to lose them, I would consider this a miracle. Not in the religious sense, mind you, though I can understand how some might feel that way. Instead, I consider it physiologically miraculous that they survived kidney failure, liver failure and loss of nearly 30% of body weight (while they were on fluids, I should add). They’re mostly back to normal, though we’re still trying to get them to eat appropriate dog food, as opposed to roasted chicken, kielbasa and bacon. Oh, and carrots. They LOVE carrots.

The second miracle to report involves my passport application. Specifically, I sent it by snail mail on a Thursday (can’t use a courier to send to a PO box). I received my new passport just eight days later. Granted, I did have it sent back by courier and I paid extra to expedite processing. But eight days? Especially when it had to traverse a border in both directions? I’d call that a miracle. I mean, this is the US government (and Canada Post) we’re talking about!

BTW – I’m going to be travelling (for work, alas) over the next few Mondays (and many other Mondays this summer). So, while I hope to have the foresight to set up a Party ahead of time, I will apologize in advance if I miss one!


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    • RiaD on May 13, 2008 at 01:50

    YAY for pickle passports!

    & there’s probably something IN the carrots they need….let them eat carrots!

  1. my brother had a similar experience getting passports for himself and my nephew…expected delays and was pleasantly surprised with the speed…

    …and its always good to hear the excellent news about the fur-babes…its great theyre on the mend.  

    i dont know from miracles….but you might consider yourself lucky that you didnt have to be around my very catholic extended family when my daughter came out of her coma….”resurrected”, they say…on easter sunday.  it would have been totally hysterical—except it wasnt.

  2. and for you too Pickle.

    where are you traveling to? NYC????? if so, please let us know. I’ll be here until May 29. then i’m outta here!

  3. and yes. i believe in miracles. doesn’t matter where they come from or if they are random or bestowed…..

    i’m just glad your dogs were in a miracle.

    • RiaD on May 13, 2008 at 05:19

    a few mini-miracles for ya!

  4. pickle pups!!  Great news… thanks for sharing  😉

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