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Pony Party: Do you believe in miracles?

I should mention that I don’t believe in miracles, except that I have two to report.

First and foremost, I think both of my pups will be okay. Considering they were at death’s doorstep a mere two weeks ago, and that I had been convinced no less than four times that we were going to lose them, I would consider this a miracle. Not in the religious sense, mind you, though I can understand how some might feel that way. Instead, I consider it physiologically miraculous that they survived kidney failure, liver failure and loss of nearly 30% of body weight (while they were on fluids, I should add). They’re mostly back to normal, though we’re still trying to get them to eat appropriate dog food, as opposed to roasted chicken, kielbasa and bacon. Oh, and carrots. They LOVE carrots.

The second miracle to report involves my passport application. Specifically, I sent it by snail mail on a Thursday (can’t use a courier to send to a PO box). I received my new passport just eight days later. Granted, I did have it sent back by courier and I paid extra to expedite processing. But eight days? Especially when it had to traverse a border in both directions? I’d call that a miracle. I mean, this is the US government (and Canada Post) we’re talking about!

BTW – I’m going to be travelling (for work, alas) over the next few Mondays (and many other Mondays this summer). So, while I hope to have the foresight to set up a Party ahead of time, I will apologize in advance if I miss one!

Pony Party….this-n-that

Some days there’s nothing i feel like putting in the pony.  Ok, that’s a lie.  Some days im particularly sensitive to the amount of sports content i put in the morning pony ;), but have nothing of substance to say.  On those days i generally hunt for a news story or some other item on the web i can present for discussion.  But on Monday when i am typing this (like with time travel in the douglas adams books, we need new verb tenses to discuss what we’re typing that wont have published until some time before youre reading it but after im typing it…but we’ll save that topic for another day) i’m horrifically unfocused…the Flyers are playing, and, at the risk of sounding whiny..i just dont feel like it…

So here are some finds from my horribly unfocused web travels…

From the “news you can use” category, is it any wonder that this Yahoo!News article caught my attention???

Chocolate may reduce pregnancy complication risk

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is rich in a chemical called theobromine, which stimulates the heart, relaxes smooth muscle and dilates blood vessels, and has been used to treat chest pain, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries, Dr. Elizabeth W. Triche of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and colleagues

Apparently after polling new mothers and testing cord blood, researchers found a possible link between higher chocolate consumption and fewer occurrences of preeclampsia.  So I guess all those Peppermint Patties I ate in 1993 were a good idea…  😉  

Pony Party: Leptospirosis

Thanks to all of you for your comments in my pony party last week. After a full week at the vet, my pups are now at home, though they’re not out of the woods yet. Both tails started wagging as soon as they walked in the door. And we got them to eat a bit. They’ve both had a really rough week, with maladies ranging from kidney failure to incontinence to jaundice. Have you ever seen a yellow dog? Not fur color – I mean yellow skin. It’s not a pretty sight. Both have lost over 2 lbs. In one case, that’s 20% of his body weight. For the other, it’s 15%. This hasn’t been a fun week. But, the vet is hopeful. We’ll just have to wait and see. They appear comfortable, though frail. Poor pups.

The most likely cause is leptospirosis, though that’s not confirmed yet. Pretty scary little bacteria, I must say. And, we have to take precautions, because it is zoonotic. But at least my pups are home.

Thanks again for all your kind wishes. I hope to be able to comment today, but that will depend on my schedule.

Pony Party: Not My Best Day **updated**

My dogs have been sick. Really sick. Both of them. We first noticed one was acting funny on Thursday night – nothing alarming, but he wasn’t 100%. On Friday morning, we noticed that he was still lethargic, so we called the vet. We were able to get an appointment for 3 pm.

We were able to leave work at noon. Fortunately for us, we have flexible jobs. I guess that’s an advantage of working such long hours. Anyway, when we got home, the sick pup was even sicker and the other was also showing signs of illness. Both were lethargic and walked like their joints were sore. So, we called the vet and moved up our appointment to 1:15 pm.

The vet took their temperature (to the utter dislike of my pups) and drew blood. The blood work looked normal. The vet said that it was possible that they had eaten something that was making them ill. We tried to think what they could have eaten, but we hadn’t changed anything around our place. No new plants, no new food, no new cleaning products. Why would they suddenly eat a plant – both of them – that they had previously ignored? They’re never outdoors without being on a leash. It didn’t make sense that they would both be ill.

The vet decided that they should stay overnight, with fluids administered intravenously. He said he’d call in the morning. So, we spent an unhappy night at home, without the warmth of our beloved critters.

In the morning, we called the vet – he said they were doing well – still acting lethargic, but better. We could take them home. Happily, we rushed to the clinic. They were still walking funny and had goopy eyes. But at least they were coming home.

They hadn’t progressed from Saturday afternoon. By Sunday, they appeared worse. Neither was eating anything of substance. They would barely walk and were really not happy. So we took them back to the vet. They again spent the night on IV.

Today, the vet called to say that they are both showing signs of renal failure. They’re about to examine them using ultrasound. The vet should be calling soon. I’m really scared.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to comment, but thanks in advance for your thoughts.