Corrupt Government – Totally Corrupt!!

What is this Country waiting for?

This is Our Government, those in Washington work for Us!

Little georgie likes to say “His Government”, it ain’t his, He Works For Us, as do everyone appointed and hired to federal jobs!

The Government we have isn’t just Incompetent, It’s Totally Corrupt!

And it isn’t only those hired to Represent that have no Backbone, it’s this Whole F**cking Country!

What’s got my dandruff up, I just caught this: Ex-State officials allege corruption in Iraq

Something we’ve already known, And Done Absolutely Nothing About, only this gets abit deeper than the War Profitteers:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration repeatedly ignored corruption at the highest levels within the Iraqi government and kept secret potentially embarrassing information so as not to undermine its relationship with Baghdad, according to two former State Department employees.

Coming from two civil servants who seem to understand who they are working for, one  Arthur Brennan and James Mattil.

Brennan said that a congressional staffer visiting Baghdad couldn’t talk with staffers because they were too busy.

What were they busy doing in Baghdad:

the staffers were watching movies at the embassy and on their computers. The staffers’ workload had been cut dramatically because of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s “evisceration” of Iraq’s top anti-corruption office, he said.

And Condi is still around?

The State Department’s policies “not only contradicted the anti-corruption mission but indirectly contributed to and has allowed corruption to fester at the highest levels of the Iraqi government,” Brennan told the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.

Want to find out about the Office of Accountability and Transparency, there’s a few sentences about this as well as Iraq’s Joint Anti-Corruption Committee

“Since we have done so little (to undercut corruption), it’s easy to see why the government of Iraq has not done more,” said Mattil, who left the accountability office last October after having served for a year as its chief of staff. “We have demanded no better.”

And how much has this cost our kids, hell the treasury was emptied way back, this comes to the tune of some 18 Billion, all on the credit card the Occupation is running on!

“One would have expected that our own government would have been doing everything it could to support” Iraq’s anti-corruption efforts, said Dorgan, D-N.D.

But “that was simply not the case. On the contrary, our own government contributed to the culture of corruption,” he added.

Hey everyone, just go shopping with the bailout monies, for retailers and credit card companies, you think is a tax rebate, that’s on your kids dime as well, and don’t forget to tune into your favorite reality show, after that stick head back up a**hole, where it’s been since allowing your Country to Crash!!!!!

As those who Serve are Killed and Maimed, as the country We Destroyed suffers more Destruction, Death and Maiming, In Our Names!


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  1. would make our presence in iraq even MORE difficult to justify…cant let THAT happen….

    …at least not until we get that oil….

  2. Perhaps the Iraqi government threatened to tell about American corruption.

    We’re in a bad position to criticise them for corruption.

  3. To hell with our soldiers and their lives, or their health or recovery.

    To hell with the Iraqis’ lives, or their health or recovery.

    To hell with corruption — who cares?  Ain’t nothin’ gonna’ stop us now!

    The obsession is obvious — OIL — always was and will be until that Iraq hydrocarbon law is signed — as though we had an absolute right to 85% to 90% of the Iraqis’ oil.

    It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone — afterall, since March 2003, where and when were our soldiers treated with the proper equipment, armor, etc., medical care, treatment at home if they made it home?  Certainly, the reality that so many of them are living on the streets, so many awaiting medical care, so many of them suffering from PTSD — going untreated and on and on, should just about be common knowledge by now.

    Kinda’ all reminds us of Katrina, does it not?  

    No, our soldiers, from the beginning, were simply viewed as “fodder” for BushCo’s invasion of Iraq and their purposes — there was NEVER any concern for them in any way, shape or form.  And Bush’s continual mantra of “you’re not supporting our troops, etc.” was, is and always has been utter bullshit.

    To add to the ludicrous situation, Laura Bush said the following re the Burma situation:

    . . . . It’s troubling that many of the Burmese people learned of this impending disaster only when foreign outlets … sounded the alarm,” she said.

    “Although they were aware of the threat, Burma’s state-run media failed to issue a timely warning to citizens in the storm’s path,” Bush said.

    She called the junta’s response to the cyclone “the most recent example of the junta’s failure to meet its people’s basic needs.”

    “The regime has dismantled systems of agriculture, education and health care,” she said.

    Bush said that on Tuesday, President Bush will sign congressional legislation awarding Suu Kyi a Congressional Gold Medal for her human rights work. `. . .

    What about Katrina?  Wasn’t Katrina dealt with in similar ways?  Or is this some kind of attempt to irradicate Katrina?

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