The Berlin Wall of America

I told RiaD I would do how and why the government is raping senior citizens but this just came in and it is further confirmation of how elite parasitic asshole international bankers are going to “recoup” their “losses” from the “savings and loan” “scandal”.  I have also pondered other possible, and in light of the past seven years, plausible futures in the coming dystopia!

Oh, no, it’s a “controlled access” transportation corridor.  Well, The Berlin Wall could also have been called a “controlled access” transportation corridor.

This is the latest from Rep Marcy Kaptur’s speech on the coming North American Union.…

The SPPNA,SPP,Canamex,North American Union is moving ahead under EVERYBODY’S radar and some time between 2010 and 2012 the “Ameros” that get assigned to your implanted 666 Mark of the Beast chip will in fact lower your current standard of living by about 1/4.  The other 1/4 of course goes into the pockets of fat cat CEOs to build green vacation compounds on tropical island paradises you can’t afford to fly to.

Often when I speak about globalization in a negative way I get the usual, oh it’s inevitable argument, or the one that I am against “progress”, or I am “for” letting the poor starving children of Biafra starve or something.

Well, what I really am against is our government taking tax dollars from me at gunpoint and creating an industrial gold rush in the entire fucking third world leaving my grandson a choice between the army or the reeks and wrecks.

Really, don’t Americans know far more about the color of Britney Spears underwear than they do about the negative effects of global “free” trade?

Mexico offers ready access to both oceans.  Note the origin of the Trans Texas Corridor.  Even the longshoremen, union of course, get cut out of the deal.  Then it gets loaded onto Mexican trucks with bald tires, no brakes or turn signals and takes the fast lane to you local Wal-Mart.

Early NAFTA expansion negotiations were bogged down with differing regulations and safety standards of three seperate countries.  Well our corporate benevolent corporate benefactors have quietly seen to all that.  Mr. Undershaft’s Strawberry company was maligned with a lawsuit by the school department of Hoboken when several children came down with Hepatis which traced back to their Mexican farms.  The solution was to simple make all nations “food safety” standards “common” and get rid of those pesky lawsuits by referring them to an “international” tribunal that overrides even the US Supreme Court.

Now since we can all “agree”, IT’S A POST 911 WORLD access on this Holy  Highway, yea, come on, you thought I was kidding.…

Access will most certainly have to be “controlled” for “our” common security.

David Dees has a most inspiring graphic.  Hence the American Berlin Wall.  And if you overlay that most recent carbon sources map there is a hint about which side gets the “accidental” bird flu outbreak first.

quotes denote Orwellian doublespeak

Warmer weather makes the Apocalyptic horses frisky.

Google returns

Canamex 42,500

SPP  11,800,000

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