Breaking: Barry Welsh Gets Punched by Republican Official!

Editor’s Note: The web site for Blue Indiana expired and cybersquatted with spam links. The link has been removed. TMC

OMG. Democratic candidate Barry Welsh, who has been endorsed by EENR has been punched in the face by a Republican official! I just heard about this via Blue Indiana:

A Republican voter registration deputy faces battery charges after he tackled a newspaper reporter and hit the Democratic 6th District congressional candidate after a contentious Delaware County Election Board meeting this afternoon.

The meeting had just ended when Will Statom, GOP registration deputy and secretary of the local Republican Party, attacked Star Press reporter Nick Werner while Werner was interviewing Ball State University student Johanna Perez about hundreds of last-minute voter registrations for Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign.

“He did not seem very happy that we were stating our opinions,” Perez said afterwards about Statom.

Werner said Statom seemed critical of his reporting, sarcastically saying to make sure he screwed up the story again.

Statom had just walked past Werner when Statom turned around and pushed Werner against the wall, grabbed him and they fell to the ground, according to witnesses.

Barry A. Welsh, Democratic 6th district congressional candidate, who attended the meeting, stepped in, and Statom turned around and hit Welsh in the eye.

“When Nick went to the floor, I tried to break it up,” Welsh said.

I am really upset. I can’t believe someone would punch Barry Welsh!  Apparently Republicans can’t handle people trying to stick up for the rights of American voters. Here’s some backround on what’s going on in Muncie from Blue Indiana:

That’s where Muncie becomes nearly unlike everyone else – GOP members of the Delaware County’s Election Board, faced with registrations filed on time, will not count because there are too many of them and they are short staffed. This is nothing short of voter disenfranchisement and must not be accepted!

Phil Nichols, a Democratic member and president of Delaware County’s Election Board, has called for an an emergency meeting at 1 p.m. Wednesday in the Delaware County Building to discuss how to handle the flood of voter registration applications. Ball State students will be in attendance as well as 6th District Congressional Candidate Barry Welsh. If you are a BSU student or local citizen, I strongly encourage you to attend this event and make your voice heard.

The Democrats and Barry Welsh want to make sure that an increase in voter registration does not result in an increase of voter disenfranchisement. Statom should resign effective immediately, and hopefully this incident will shine a light on the Republican tactics to keep voters away from the polls. I can’t help but ask you to donate to Barry Welsh. He’s a great progressive running against staunch conservative Mike Pence. He just took one for the team and sure as hell deserves our support!  


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  1. to show your support for a great progressive that just took a punch while defending the rights of voters. Help unseat Mike Pence by supporting Barry Welsh!  

    • Alma on April 10, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Do a good deed and get punched.  I hope this boosts Barrys donations.

  2. Of course, they don’t want voting who they don’t want voting.

  3. sadly, the residents of Wingnuttia (a state of mind, not any particular state) believe they can act like Rambo whenever anyone “crosses” them.  

  4. …I can’t help but to think it is a huge boost for Welsh’s campaign.

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